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Bringing state-owned enterprises back to the development track

Prime Minister’s Conference with state enterprises – the event attracted the attention of the press this week, because this is a dialogue for the Government to listen to the opinions and proposals of businesses with a determination to bring state-owned enterprises back to the development track, commensurate with the resources held.

State-owned enterprises and the expectation of a new wind

According to the sheet Bank Times, State-owned enterprises are holding large resources in terms of capital, assets, technology, and high-quality human resources and making significant contributions to the state budget. State-owned enterprises play a dominant role in a number of important and essential industries and fields of the economy.

It can be mentioned the role of ensuring national energy security, the telecommunications sector, demonstrating a leading role in digital transformation, building digital infrastructure, or managing and operating seaport and port infrastructures. aviation is important. State-owned commercial banks account for more than 50% of the industry’s total outstanding loans.

Bringing state-owned enterprises back to the development track - Photo 1.

The performance results of state-owned enterprises are still not commensurate with the potentials and markets that state-owned enterprises are dominating. (Illustration image – Photo: Dan Tri)

In difficulties or when there are fluctuations in the market, the important role of state-owned enterprises will be seen more clearly, including the role of leading, regulating and sharing. However, the performance results of state-owned enterprises are still not commensurate with the potentials and markets that state-owned enterprises are dominating.

If you ask the question “In the last 5 years, what are the works and projects bearing the mark of state-owned enterprises?”, the answer is “very few”.

Unlocking new resources for state-owned enterprises

Sheet Business Forum According to statistics, in the period 2016 – 2020, there are 19 groups and corporations under the Committee for the Management of State Capital at Enterprises and Viettel Group – which holds nearly 90% of the region’s resources. state-owned enterprises, this number is 3 group A projects. This is very different from the private enterprise sector at the same time. With the above situation, it is difficult to talk about the leading role and position of state enterprises in the economy.

State-owned enterprise restructuring: Still the same problem of “heavy responsibility, light mechanism”

In the leading and pioneering role of state-owned enterprises, it seems that the Vietnam Railways Corporation has the most feelings.

In the 2 years affected by the pandemic, the Corporation is losing nearly 2,000 billion VND of charter capital, over 30,000 billion VND of charter capital. Meanwhile, the market share is decreasing day by day, although it has actively switched to freight transport when the number of passengers by train decreases, Investment Newspaper quote.

Bringing state-owned enterprises back to the development track

Newspaper People According to analysis, any state-owned enterprise has room for development, but for a number of reasons, many businesses have no motivation to develop, still rely on and rely on the budget, leaders are afraid of responsibility. responsibility, do not want and dare not do. This situation occurs not only in the tasks of equitization and divestment, but also in investment projects, causing the equitization and divestment process for many years to not reach the set target, the investment activities of enterprises as well. stagnant.

Also because of that stagnation, in fact, in recent times, when it comes to state-owned enterprises, it is about losses, weaknesses, and violations of the law. Therefore, in the business leadership team, there is also a self-deprecating mentality that does not want to do, just achieve the goal of preserving capital.

Leading role

Efforts to deploy and strengthen the position and role of state-owned enterprises in the past period have mainly focused on promoting equitization and divestment; handle shortcomings, negatives and mistakes in the implementation of restructuring and investment in the previous period… Meanwhile, the mechanism for state-owned enterprises to be autonomous in business investment, governance and management management is not clear.

As a result, state-owned enterprises cannot or dare not do ordinary things like enterprises. In particular, state-owned enterprises lag far behind the private sector in mobilizing capital, expanding scale, improving investment and business quality, developing and expanding markets, and diversifying products and services. ; far behind in terms of mechanisms to attract talented people, especially experienced, talented, regional and global management teams, Investment Newspaper comment.

Remove bottlenecks for state-owned enterprises to retain the leading role

At the Prime Minister’s Conference with State-owned enterprises, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh asked to identify bottlenecks in mechanisms and policies for this area, from which to offer innovative orientations and solutions to promote the growth of the region. resources of state-owned enterprises in economic development.

Bringing state-owned enterprises back to the development track - Photo 2.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh chaired the conference with state-owned enterprises. (Photo: VNA)

In the coming time, identifying more difficulties and challenges than opportunities and advantages, the Prime Minister suggested that state-owned enterprises continue to make effective and effective contributions to building a society-oriented market economy institution. socialist; in particular, contributing to building an independent, self-reliant economy, deepening international integration, substantive and effective, maintaining macroeconomic stability, ensuring great balances and always being sensitive and flexible Active and adaptable to all conditions.

The Prime Minister suggested that state-owned enterprises must play a pioneering role in innovation and development of science and technology, contributing to building an advanced culture imbued with national identity, corporate culture, and ethics. Business ethics…

In terms of goals, some businesses must create breakthrough development, large corporations must be “steel fists”, contribute more to the state budget and improve the material and spiritual life of employees. at the same time, mobilize resources to invest in infrastructure works and also propose to do key historical works.

State-owned enterprises must make a breakthrough

According to the sheet LaborerImmediately after this conference, the Government will issue a Resolution with tasks and solutions to promote, innovate and improve efficiency in order to mobilize resources of state-owned enterprises in socio-economic development. .

The mission of state-owned enterprises has been clearly defined by the Party in the resolutions of the Central Committee. Our concern is how businesses can fulfill this mission.

State-owned enterprises must “carry and pioneer”

Newspaper Vanguard quoted the Prime Minister requesting the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs; The Government Inspectorate will soon complete documents and policies to promptly remove obstacles and difficulties related to the management and investment of state capital in enterprises; urgently submit decrees on labor management, wages and bonuses for managers and employees in state-owned enterprises according to market principles as well as study and innovate regulations on enterprise inspection …

Obviously, breakthrough solutions in perfecting institutions and policies… are expected to break the inertia, free up resources, put state-owned enterprises back on the development track, and make worthy contributions. to the overall development of the economy.

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