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Duong Edward sings about loneliness when falling in love

Singer Duong Edward released the MV “Vibration” after many cover products reached millions of views, talking about sadness in love.

Duong Edward makes 'one short' style MV

Duong Edward released the MV for “Vibration”, on the evening of March 25. Videos: Characters provided

The song belongs to the pop ballad genre, composed by Vu Khac Anh. The content is about the loneliness of a boy who is in love, pounding but not happy. He wants to be around, to bring peace to his other half, but the truth is the opposite. Musician Nguyen Thanh Binh performs the mix, combining piano and electric guitar.

Duong Edward chose an exhibitionist but moody style in the MV.  Photo: Characters provided

Duong Edward chose an elegant style in the MV. Photo: Characters provided

At the beginning of the MV is a picture of a man driving into the desert with a sad face. The earth cherry buried the ring of hope attached to the rose tree in the ground. After many injuries, he bravely decides to love, moving forward even though the future is unknown. The crew showed strength of character when choosing the arid land scene in Da Lat, the male lead in the shape of a ceiling.

This MV was made in a one-shot (continuous shooting, one shot) style by director Ung Kien.

Duong Edward real name Nguyen Tung Duong, born in 1992. He studied music and performed at HammerSmith College, London, England. This young vocalist was famous when he entered the top 5 of Vietnam Idol 2016. He has covered many international and domestic songs such as I’m Yours, Price Tag, Rain of love, Unrequited love…, attracted tens of millions of views on Youtube. In 2021, he attracted attention with the project Love song Includes 15 ending songs.

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