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Elon Musk wants to create a new social network

Elon Musk thinks that Twitter doesn’t have enough free speech, so he’s thinking about creating a new social network.

“Freedom of speech is essential for a functioning democracy. Do you think Twitter strictly follows this principle?”, Technology billionaire Elon Musk keep asking Indonesia on March 25th and create a poll on your profile.

To date, more than two million people have participated in the survey. 70% think Twitter doesn’t follow the guidelines. Underneath the article, Musk stressed: “The survey results are very important, please choose carefully.”

Musk's survey of Twitter's compliance with the rules drew more than 2 million votes.

Musk’s survey of Twitter’s compliance with the rules drew more than 2 million votes.

On March 27, the Tesla CEO continued to tweet that Twitter had lost its neutrality, violating free speech. “Is a new social networking platform necessary?”, he wrote at 0:00 on March 27.

The new message immediately caused a stir and was shared across platforms. On Twitter, this tweet attracted more than 230K likes, more than 19K comments and more than 5K shares.

The South African-born billionaire’s supporter says it’s time for the world to need a new social network where everyone is truly free. “Twitter is a private company. Maybe the world needs a moderated ‘Twitter not for profit’ by its users,” commented investor Ross Gerber, co-founder and CEO of the GK ETF. Meanwhile, tech expert Andy Boreham argues that new social networks like Twitter will have similar problems with censorship, so the idea of ​​a new social network doesn’t seem right at the moment.

Based on ReutersElon Musk transformed himself into the image of free speech and attracted like-minded people from platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter…

Earlier on March 22, the US Securities and Exchange Commission said that Tesla CEOs must comply with court rules regarding controlling content posted on Twitter. “While Tesla still uses Musk’s Twitter account to provide information to investors, the SEC reserves the right to investigate their legality,” an SEC representative said. Based on Blomberg, Musk is seeking to end SEC oversight of his social media posts. Recent discussions about free speech, and even the idea of ​​starting a new social network, are part of that effort by the Tesla CEO.

Musk isn’t the only celebrity looking to build his own social network. Previously, former US President Donald Trump created the social network Truth Social. Official tests have been sent to users since mid-February. Bloomberg assess how far the social network can achieve the goal of being censorship-free as desired by its creator.

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