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Hai Phong male student enters 2022 Olympia final

An excellent win in the second quarter Olympia competition, Vu Bui Dinh Tung from Tran Phu School for the Gifted participated in this year’s final.

March 27th, 2nd quarter contest Road to Olympia broadcast, with a competition of four male students: Tran Ngo Tuan Khoa (Le Thanh Tong High School for Gifted Students, Quang Nam Province), Phan Le Thuc Bao (Special in Quoc Hoc Hue), Vu Bui Dinh Tung (Special in Tran Phu, Hai Phong) and Phan Van Khai (Especially in Le Quy Don, Khanh Hoa).

In two weekly and monthly competitions, Start which is Dinh Tung’s strength. Out of the four contestants, I had the best performance in this round. Therefore, entering the second quarter of the competition, Tung showed a relatively relaxed spirit and showed his superiority in the first part of the competition.

In the 30-second test, Tung was the only contestant with two correct answers, even though his friends had more time to ring the bell. The 60 second test with increasing difficulty makes Tung difficult. I rang the bell four times but got only one correct answer. Learning from experience, in the last 90 second exam, the male student regained his form: slowly but surely and got two more correct answers.

At the end of the Warm-up, Tung led by 50 points. Van Khai, Tuan Khoa and Thuc Bao got 40, 30 and 20 points respectively.

Vu Bui Dinh Tung (Tran Phu High School for the Gifted, Hai Phong) wins the Road to Olympia competition in the second quarter of 2022. Screenshot

Vu Bui Dinh Tung won the contest Road to Olympia second quarter of 2022. Screenshot

Obstacle is a game that makes a big turning point. The hidden number to find has five letters. After Mr. Khoa chose from the first line of suggestions, the answer was “bright”, Van Khai rang the bell to answer the keyword “bone”. However, this is not a program secret, so I had to stop taking the exam.

Right after that, knowing the second horizontal row was “sun”, Thuc Bao and Mr. Khoa rang the bell together, answering “summer” and “radiation”, respectively. Although the letters given were in accordance with the requirements of the program, the answers to both candidates were wrong. Therefore, Dinh Tung was the only one to continue the hurdle.

The male student calmly chose one more suggestion and correctly answered “purple” – the color with the shortest wavelength. This time, Tung replied that the key word was “UV light”. “I started thinking about this keyword after learning the suggestion in the second line, but was hesitant to ring the bell. On this horizontal line, I knew I was right,” says Tung.

Earning points from a row of keyword suggestions helped him widen the gap with three players, cementing his number one position with 120 points. Van Khai is in second place with 50 points, Tuan Khoa and Thuc Bao both have 30 points.

Contest Acceleration witnessed a chase between four climbers. Along with the slow gameplay – for sure, Dinh Tung is quite embarrassed by the time pressure of parts with high requirements for speed. Of the four questions, he only answered the last question correctly about the hero Ly Tu Trong and won another 20 points.

Meanwhile, Thuc Bao, Van Khai and Tuan Khoa all got 2-3 correct answers, scoring 70-100 points each. At the end of this test, although Tung is still at the top with 140 points, the gap is significantly reduced. Thuc Bao rose to second place – 130 points, followed by Dinh Tung, then Van Khai 120, Tuan Khoa 100 points.

Four climbers on the podium of the 2nd quarter competition. Screenshot

Four climbers on the podium of the 2nd quarter competition. Screenshot

During exam To the finish linethe difference in scores is not much, as the first candidate to choose a package of questions, Tung considered the strategy for a long time before choosing three questions 20-30-20 points.

In turn, when asked about their knowledge of history, society, and English, the male students of Hai Phong showed deep and broad understanding when they all gave the correct answer. By selecting a wishing star for the sentence with the highest score (30), Tung ended the Finishing section in a “couldn’t be more satisfied” manner, bringing the total score to 230.

Defining this as a “nothing to lose” match, the remaining three climbers also “played all their hands”. All candidates choose a question pack with a very high score, ranging from 80-90 points (excluding wishing stars) but unable to turn the game around.

Meanwhile, in the part played by Van Khai and Tuan Khoa, Dinh Tung pressed the bell and won points in three questions on the island of Borneo (Indonesia) – the largest island in Southeast Asia, the Second National Party Congress and the Tam Tam Commune (Vietnamese patriotic youth organization which was founded in Guangzhou, China, in 1923).

At the end of the game, Dinh Tung got 310 points, Thuc Bao 110, Van Khai 75 and Tuan Khoa 70 points. Winning the difference between three friends, Dinh Tung is the second face to appear in the final match Road to Olympia 2022.

The first contestant to win a ticket to the final is Dang Le Nguyen Vu (Bac Duyen Ha High School, Thai Binh).

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