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Hanoi University of Science and Technology maintains the same enrollment method and increases the total quota

Recruitment method remains the same, increases the total target

Present at the consultation session held by HOCMAI’s Admissions and Career Counseling Portal free of charge for high school students, Assoc. This year’s students basically remain the same way of enrollment in 2021. Accordingly, the school still retains the two main recruitment methods: talent and ability selection and admission through test scores. In which, in the talent selection section, in addition to selecting candidates for national and international awards, BK HN also considers candidates with international certificates: SAT – Scholastic Assessment Test; ACT – American College Testing; IB – International Baccalaureate; A-Level – Cambridge International Examinations A-Level; ATAR – Australian Tertiary Admission Rank. In addition, the number of targets for talent selection has also been increased to 20% of the total target compared to 15% as of last year.

The total enrollment target of BK HN this year is 7,790 students, an increase of nearly 500 targets compared to last year. The school’s training program and industry groups have not changed much compared to last year, a new major expected to attract many candidates is Biomedical Engineering. This is an industry that comes from the new needs of society, after the COVID-19 pandemic. Biomedical researchers show their importance in modern life. The research, supplement, and medical assistance of the industry’s human resources requires formal training to meet the urgent needs of society.

If you love any industry, it’s a “hot” industry.

One of the biggest concerns of both candidates and parents, each university admission period is which industry is the “hottest”, which industry will be easy to find a job when finished. Answering that, Ms. Pham Thi Hang, admissions officer of BK HN said, “Hanoi Polytechnic offers many training courses, sticking to reality, hot industries are IT, automation, Automotive engineering, economics, etc. supply logistics. The need to graduate with a good job makes many parents and candidates interested in hot industries, but in fact, the most important thing must be based on the candidate’s ability and interest. A job or major that you don’t enjoy can mean years of study and work time being wasted.”

Explaining this idea further, Associate Professor Vu Duy Hai said that the university had carefully researched job needs and labor resources to open more industries. All training industries are hot in terms of labor demand through the process of surveying, researching, polling businesses, clearly quantifying the job demand, without any industry. study that the labor market in the near future does not need to be open. Mr. Hai added that up to 98.6% of Hanoi Polytechnic students have jobs after 6 months of graduation.

Le Ngoc Hai, a final year student at the Faculty of Control and Automation Engineering, BK Hanoi, who was present in the program, said that when choosing a major, her family suggested another major, but Hai was determined to follow this industry. . If I had to choose again, I would still choose this major again, because I have learned a lot during the 5 years of study, from knowledge, soft skills, relationships, and still maintain my interest in the field.

Mr. Hai concluded, “Because the demand for the labor market is always there, the first priority when choosing a career is a hobby, you must be able to answer what you want to do and become. After that, you should consider the ability to choose the right industry or change yourself, like the disciplines that require meticulousness, rigor and patience like Automation, if you don’t have those qualities, you need to practice or find other more suitable industries. Finally, you should learn carefully about finance, tuition fees, possible financial requirements in 4-5 years of study to consider whether you and your family can afford to maintain or are not. With passion, conditions such as capacity or finance can be overcome, so it should be the first choice.

Good singing is an advantage

In addition to training, HN also has many extracurricular activities, soft skills so that you can connect businesses and society, as a launching pad for students to fly high. That can show that soft skills, ability to participate in social benefit activities, and the desire to contribute to the community are always highly appreciated in freshmen.

When a candidate asked for a resume to qualify, what else could be included in addition to the provincial academic awards to increase the pass rate, Mr. Hai shared, “Even the music competition award can contribute to the success of the competition. the section to raise the competency score for passing”. In the talent selection section, candidates with average scores of all three-year subjects above 8.0 can gather records including winning provincial excellent student awards, music and sports award certificates. , certificates of participation in volunteering, social activities… “Achievements will be scored, but achievements are scored differently, the lowest is the units. At 100 points is the highest, candidates with high scores will have an advantage when entering the selection interview,” said Mr. Hai.

Excellent and successful candidates can participate in all 3 methods of direct admission through talent and ability, with many choices of study aspirations.

Mr. Hai also noted that, although it is possible to register for many aspirations, the university entrance examination will depend on the wishes registered on the website of the Ministry of Education and Training. The ministry will conduct virtual filtering, to avoid candidates registering too many wishes, making admissions difficult, so the most desired wish must be the 1st wish registered on this page. After the graduation exam, candidates will have 6 weeks to give a final answer about their major aspirations.

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