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How did Alibaba company scam more than 4,300 people?

Nguyen Thai Luyen (Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alibaba) is accused of fraudulently appropriating VND 2,264 billion from over 4,300 victims.

The People’s Procuracy of Ho Chi Minh City has just completed the indictment against Nguyen Thai Luyen (Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alibaba) and 22 defendants in the case of fraud to appropriate property; Money laundering occurred at Alibaba Real Estate Joint Stock Company.

Specifically, Luyen (36 years old), Nguyen Thai Linh (General Director of Alibaba, Luyen’s younger brother) and 18 other defendants were charged with fraud to appropriate property under Clause 4, Article 174 of the Penal Code.

Defendants Vo Thi Thanh Mai (Director of Alibaba Law Firm Joint Stock Company), Nguyen Thai Luc (Director of Green Real Estate Investment and Trading Co., Ltd., Luyen’s younger brother) were proposed to be prosecuted for two crimes of fraud and taking advantage of the law. property and money laundering. And Huynh Thi Kim Thang (Chief Accountant of Alibaba) was proposed to be prosecuted for money laundering.

The indictment shows that Luyen used 10 legal entities out of a total of 22 established legal entities to name the investors of 58 “ghost projects.” Then, the accused through Alibaba Company advertised to sell land plots. in 3 provinces of Binh Thuan, Dong Nai and Ba Ria – Vung Tau to deceive and sell to 4,316 victims, appropriate 2,264 billion VND.

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The police read the arrest warrant for Nguyen Thai Luyen in October 2019. Photo: CTV.

5 steps to scam more than 4,300 victims

During the investigation, the investigating agency clarified 5 steps that Luyen masterminded and directed his accomplices to defraud and appropriate property:

Step 1: Nguyen Thai Luyen uses a small amount of personal money and most of the money appropriated from customers to direct individuals who are relatives and trusted employees of Alibaba Company to receive agricultural land transfer in large quantities in their name. , in the provinces of Dong Nai, Ba Ria – Vung Tau and Binh Thuan.

Step 2: The individuals in the name of receiving the land transfer as mentioned above make an authorization contract for legal entities established by Luyen so that these companies can draw bogus projects on agricultural land, subdivide, separate the plot against the regulations under Luyen’s direction.

Step 3: After receiving authorization, the above-mentioned legal entities, as investors of bogus projects on agricultural land, subdivide and separate plots from 100 m2 to less than 400 m2 and then use the media to product advertising.

Step 4: Practice continues to direct investors to sign a business cooperation contract to distribute and sell land plots in a “self-drawing” project with Alibaba Company so that Alibaba Company becomes a land distribution agent for customers. goods, in order to conceal the illegal origin of the projects; At the same time, creating a virtual transaction for customers to agree to buy because they believe that the projects are legal enough and eligible for transfer under the Law on Real Estate Business.

Step 5: After the customer agrees to buy, Nguyen Thai Luyen directs the above-named legal entities to sign an agreement, transfer the land use right to the customer, but the money is paid to Alibaba Company for practice. handle, use.

In addition, to create trust and attract customers, Nguyen Thai Luyen uses tricks such as committing to buy back at a higher price from 30% after 12 months or 38% after 15 months from the date of payment; sublease at 2%/month from the date of signing and pay 95% of the contract value…

With this method, most customers who receive land transfer in the form of residential plots offered by Alibaba Company do not receive the certificate of land use rights in the form of residential as committed, but will be transferred by Alibaba Company. form of interest payment or repurchase according to the option contracts or attached contract addendums.

In fact, all projects are illegally drawn by Alibaba Company on a particularly large area of ​​agricultural land, not yet allowed to separate plots, not residential land as advertised and shown by Alibaba Company. in the land use right transfer contract. The offering of options or attached contract addendums is only intended to attract more investors to the projects.

However, during the investigation, Nguyen Thai Luyen did not admit to the crime.

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The police brought documents and evidence obtained at Alibaba Real Estate Group to the investigation agency. Photo: Tran Anh.

“Money laundering” tens of billions of dong

Regarding the money laundering behavior of Vo Thi Thanh Mai, Nguyen Thai Luc and Huynh Thi Kim Thang, the People’s Procuracy of Ho Chi Minh City determined that Nguyen Thai Luc had 4 personal accounts at 4 banks, including 2 unused accounts. , 2 accounts, one to receive monthly salary, one to receive money from Vo Thi Thanh Mai to transfer and withdraw cash and deliver it to Mai.

On November 21, 2018, Mai directed Nguyen Thai Linh (Luyen’s younger brother) to submit 50 billion VND into Luc’s account, then directed Luc to withdraw, open a passbook with the amount 50 billion VND, term of 6 months at ACB Bank. Source 50 billion VND All money is paid by customers to buy land at Alibaba Company.

Then, at Mai’s direction, Luc withdrew 31 billion VND, opened a savings book for Huynh Thi Kim Thang in ACB’s name. Continuing to follow Mai’s direction, Thang withdraws the amount 18 billion VND In the passbook, buy two houses at addresses 96A, 96B, Quarter 6, Tan Tien Ward (Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai), the rest 13 billion VND still kept in the savings book.

After the police prosecuted the case, executed the arrest warrant and searched on September 18, 2019, on September 19, 2019, Mai directed Thang to transfer the entire amount, including principal and interest. 13.9 billion VND into an account held by Mai in ACB’s name. On the same day of September 19, 2019, Mai moved 13 billion VND into Luc’s digital account, then directed Luc to withdraw and hand it back to Mai.

During the investigation, Vo Thi Thanh Mai, Nguyen Thai Luc and Huynh Thi Kim Thang all admitted to knowing the amount 13.9 billion VND The above money is money that Luyen cheated to appropriate property but still followed Mai’s direction to hide the origin of the money. Mai declares, has used up all the money 13 billion VND on personal matters, paying external loans.

Alibaba company has more than 4,300 two needs?  brother 3

Police searched and seized documents and exhibits at Alibaba’s headquarters. Photo: Provided by the police.

The Government has listed assets of thousands of billions of dong

During the investigation, the investigative agency has detained more than 9.2 billion VND cash; 257 pieces of yellow metal with an assessment value of more than 645 million VND; 15 other yellow metal pieces with a value of more than 359 million dong according to the assessment and 20 yellow metal bars but not gold.

The investigative agency has seized money in the accounts of 49 individuals who are employees and legal entities of Alibaba Company, with a total amount of more than 45 billion VND; 23 cars and motorbikes used by these people are more valuable according to the assessment 16 billion VND.

In addition, the authorities have distrained 652 land plots (about 4 million m2), the total value according to the above house and land valuation results is more than 1,536 billion VND. Thus, the entire property was distrained and blocked in the case 2,264 billion VND.

In addition to the above assets, during the execution of the arrest and search warrant, the investigating agency also seized 113 CPUs, 171 laptops, a tablet and 16 mobile phones belonging to the accused and public employees. used by Alibaba.

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