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Hundreds of millions/night, all A-stars in Vietnam and the world come to check-in

Information Miss Ngoc Han was appointed as Deputy General Director of Ninh Van Bay Tourism Real Estate Joint Stock Company (Six Senses Ninh Van Bay Resort) has recently attracted attention on beauty forums. This beauty born in 1989 was once crowned the highest title of the Miss Vietnam 2010 contest.

Ninh Van Bay or Six Senses Ninh Van Bay Resort and Resort used to be the only Vietnamese representative of Vietnam in the top 11 of the world’s top eco-resorts in 2021. This resort is also a familiar check-in point. Belongs to famous Vbiz artists and influencers such as: Toc Tien, Quang Vinh, Ho Ngoc Ha – Kim Ly. Bao Thy, Chau Bui,…

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Vbiz cult stars often choose this place for their vacation trip and family

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Inside Six Senses Ninh Van Bay (in Nha Trang Bay)

In addition, this resort has also been chosen by many world-famous stars, influencers and celebrities as the female writer JK Rowling – author of the Harry Potter series, The Prince and Princess of Saudi Arabia. youngest, model – businessman Danielle Copperman.

The most luxurious resort in Vietnam that Miss Ngoc Han has just become a director: Sao Viet check-in loudly, the room price can sometimes reach hundreds of millions / night - Photo 12.

Danielle Copperman is a world famous influencer

The most prominent are the prices “not for the middle class” here, information on the booking website says that rooms at this resort have room rates ranging from 15 million/night or more. In which, the villas cost from 70 million VND/night, there are even apartments priced at 115 million VND/night. why-hang-ao-viet-nam-va-the-gioi-den-check-in-202203271255151.chn

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