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If you study well but have a low EQ, life is hard to come by!

Truong Hieu Dung (China) is now an ordinary security guard, but few people know that many years ago, he used to be a famous “scholar”. In 1991, at the age of 17, Truong was the valedictorian in the local university entrance exam, achieving almost perfect scores in all subjects. Therefore, Truong was admitted to Tsinghua University – the top university in China and Asia. This is a school known as the “country of billions of people”. Those who passed the test all had low intelligence.

When he passed the Thanh Hoa exam, Truong Hieu Dung received great attention from the public. Many major newspapers came to interview him. Every day, Truong shares the secret of successful study with the media. It can be said that it was the most golden period of his life.

The security guard looks very normal, but his past 20 years ago shocked everyone: If you study well but have a low EQ, life is hard to come by!  - Photo 1.

Truong Hieu Dung is currently a security guard.

By the time I entered college, things were no longer rosy. Truong Hieu Dung’s excitement immediately subsided when he met many more talented friends than himself. At Thanh Hoa, Truong’s academic ability became normal.

He began to question his own abilities, feeling uncomfortably frustrated. Although Truong Hieu Dung studied harder after that, he still could not catch up with his classmates. So, his 4 years of college passed very normally, no more epic days.

After graduating, Truong Hieu Dung decided to look for a job. However, the policy at that time was a bit special. If you choose a job, there will be two options: One is a link between the school and the business to allocate, the other is to apply for a job by yourself. At that time, Tsinghua University was full of talents, but Truong Hieu Dung’s grades were not excellent. In addition, Biology – Truong’s major is also not popular, so finding a job is even more difficult.

Truong at that time thought that, having studied professional knowledge for 4 years without finding a suitable job, not only was it a waste of talent, but also a waste of time to learn new knowledge. Therefore, Truong went to a few company headquarters in Biology to look for work, but was unsuccessful. To find a job, Truong Hieu Dung decided to compromise.

The security guard looks very normal, but his past 20 years ago shocked everyone: If you study well but have a low EQ, life is hard to come by!  - Photo 3.

From student Tsinghua, Truong Hieu Dung now becomes a security guard.

After some twists and turns, he went to a chemical company, doing a customer service job, unrelated to his major. The daily task is to answer the phone, take notes, etc. Of course, this job makes a Tsinghua student always feel frustrated. After 1 year of work, just in time for his father’s illness, Truong Hieu Dung decided to take a break.

Although the office job looks flashy, it is not what Truong wants. He also felt a little guilty at the thought of studying for years without spending time with his family. After resigning, Truong returned to his hometown but could not find a suitable job. In order to maintain his life and take care of his parents, he became a community security guard.

Maybe Truong Hieu Dung is not suitable for complex personal relationships, and it is difficult to adjust the mentality when not achieving personal ambitions. Perhaps after returning to forget, it was the family atmosphere that made Truong calm his resentment and dissatisfaction with life.

20 years later, Truong Hieu Dung became a security guard from a Tsinghua student. Once, Truong’s college friend tried to contact him, wanted to help, but for no reason, he refused. Perhaps the first failures in life, made Truong decide to nestle in the cocoon, satisfied with the current life.

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