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Journey of 200 Bridges of Hope in the West

After more than 3 years of implementing the “Take children to school” program, the Hope Fund joined hands to build 200 bridges in Can Tho, An Giang, Dong Thap.

On the morning of March 26, the Hope Fund and Co Do district of Can Tho city held an inauguration and used 4 bridges in the communes of Trung An and Trung Thanh. In particular, the 200th Hy Vong Bridge in Trung Thanh Commune marks the 200th project that the Hope Fund has jointly built in the Mekong Delta…

Mr. Nguyen Van Khoa - General Director of FPT Corporation (6th from left) and delegation of the inauguration of the Bridge of Hope 200. Photo: Cuu Long

Representatives from the Hope Fund, FPT and local community leaders cut the ribbon for the inauguration of the Hope 200 Bridge. Photo: Kowloon

As a resident who was directly involved in the construction of 150 and 200 Hy Vong Bridges, Mr. Nguyen Van Help, 61 years old, said that in the past two old wooden bridges were made temporary, badly damaged, and dangerous for people to travel.

Attending the opening of the bridge early, Mr. Help enthusiastically shared: “From now on, transportation of agricultural products and people’s agricultural materials, as well as children going to school, will be safe. We are very happy that there is a bridge, convenient transportation, and the price of land in the hamlet has more than doubled, from 130 million to 280-300 million dong per worker (1,000 m2).”

People in Trung Thanh commune are excited to introduce the 150 and 200 Hy Vong Bridges. Photo: Vy An.

People in Trung Thanh commune excitedly introduced the Hy Vong 150 Bridge. Photo: Vy An.

Do Huu Hien, Deputy Chairman of the People’s Committee of Trung Thanh Commune, said that the area with a natural area of ​​more than 2,300 hectares and more than 18,000 people living, mainly relying on agricultural production, still faces many difficulties.

To date, the commune has been funded by the Hope Fund to build 14 bridges, which have greatly contributed to consolidating transportation networks, building new villages, developing socio-economy and improving people’s quality of life”, said Mr. Hien and on behalf of the local community expressed his gratitude. to donors who have shared their hearts with people in remote areas.

Sharing the same joy with people in Co Do district, Can Tho On this occasion, there were also hundreds of households in Dinh Thanh commune, Thoai Son district, An Giang when construction of the Nam Quoc Rhine Bridge was completed. The new bridge, named the Hy Vong 199 Bridge, is located in the hamlet of Hoa Phu, with a length of 30 m, a width of 4.5 m.

On a March afternoon, Mr. Nguyen Huy Hoang followed the embankment from his home to the commune market to order fertilizer for the fields near his home. “Quickly this way, save fuel. There is a new bridge to transport fertilizers and very strong materials,” said Pak Hoang as he had just crossed the Hope 199 bridge.

Bridge of Hope 199. Photo: Ngoc Tai.

199 Hope Bridge in Thoai Son district, An Giang. Photo: Ngoc Tai.

More than 20 km from Dinh Thanh, the Hope 99 bridge (Thao Son district) with a length of 34 m, a width of 3.5 m when in use, has met the travel needs of hundreds of households in the area. After school, the students ride bicycles across the bridge to chat. Several people who came back from working in the fields on the sturdy bridge instead of the plank bridge also smiled.

Dong Thap is also supported by 42 Bridges of Hope spread over the cities of Chau Thanh, Lai Vung, Sa Dec and Lap Vo. One of them is the Harapan Bridge with a length of 161 22 m, a width of 3.5 m, belonging to the embankment box No. 11, Tan Nhuan Dong commune, Chau Thanh district. The area around the bridge is hundreds of hectares with green rice fields and orchards, but the journey is still blocked by a 100 meter wide canal. Therefore, when the Bridge of Hope 161 was formed, Mr. Nguyen Van Hung, a nearly 60-year-old farmer, shouted: “Very happy, the Bridge of Hope 161 is the dream of hundreds of people here.” .

To build 200 solid bridges in the West over the last 3.5 years, program Take my step to school from the Hope fund to receive support local leaders and communities, especially the participation of youth union members and farmers in the commune when contributing tens of thousands of working days.

“Heard of the funding to build a bridge, we volunteered to work together to soon have a dream bridge, sure, safe and beautiful like today”, said Mr Nguyen Van Help, Trung Thanh commune. Red Flag, Can Tho) said that an average daily about 20-30 people participate in the construction of the bridge, when the bridge deck is poured, 80-100 people work together.

Bridge of Hope 172 in Trung An commune, Co Do district, Can Tho city, came into use.  Photo: Kowloon

Bridge of Hope 172 in Trung An commune, Co Do district, Can Tho city, came into use. Photo: Kowloon

With Bridges of Hope 172, 173, Tran Van Liem, 61 years old (Trung An Commune, Co Do) says: “These two bridges were built in a month with more than 500 working days, by our people and troops. The local youth union volunteered contribute, when two bridges are put into use, traffic is safer, rural faces are prosperous and much wider, people are very happy.”

Not participating in the public day, but counting the days for the bridge construction, Bu Tu sells water at the house opposite the 99 bridge, and is also in charge of making drinks for bridge workers who are also neighbors. “Sponsors give money for materials, people share their workday, a few sacks of cement and stones. I go to this bridge every day, not far,” Ms. You share.

According to the People’s Committee of the Dinh Thanh Commune – where there are three Bridges of Hope, as soon as the funds were funded, the area started cleaning the site, selecting contractors and supervising so that the construction work was of good quality and carried out properly. progress. “The area of ​​rivers and canals criss-cross each other, and the need to build a solid bridge is great,” said Commune Secretary Doan Dinh Thanh.

Nguyen Tan Luc, Secretary of the Chau Thanh (Dong Thap) District Party Committee said that the campaign to build a rural traffic bridge under the motto “State and people work together” has been well implemented so far, with the support of Mr. Dana from sponsors, community consensus to donate land to build bridges, and the enthusiastic participation of union members and youth has created a new and solid bridge.

Join this program Take my step to school There are also business organizations and communities like BEST Express Vietnam, FPT people fund for community…

Mr Nguyen Quoc Viet – Southwest region manager, BEST Express Vietnam shared his joy when he saw the bridge from rickety across canals to being extensively replaced, contributing to the improvement of the local traffic infrastructure.

“We are very pleased and proud to be working with the Hope Fund, contributing to the community to remove old, temporary, damaged bridges and replace them with stronger, bigger and more beautiful bridges for the community. And they can travel safely and comfortably,” said Mr. Viet, added that he would continue with the Hope Fund in future charity programs.

Journey of 200 Bridges of Hope in the West

Hope Bridge brings joy to people in the West. Videos: Chunta.

Ms. Truong Thanh Thanh – Hope Fund President said that the first Hope bridge of the program was started in Co Do district and 200 bridges were also inaugurated here.

“This new bridge is not only a source of joy and happiness for the local community, but also for us and the sponsors who have accompanied us all this time. Sharing with communities in remote and remote areas still faces many difficulties. only our responsibility but also our heart and happiness. Dana Harapan was founded in 2017 with the desire to spread, expand cooperation, multiply love, share by doing deeds. , real action against a community like this”, said Ms. Thanh.

Kowloon – Ngoc Tai

Every solid bridge is a joint effort of local authorities, communities and communities. To join the Hope Fund in raising children’s steps to school and improving the quality of life for communities in the Mekong Delta, readers can view more information and accompany them. here.

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