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Journey to SEA Games 31: Close-up of modern shooting range

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The shooting range is located in the National Sports Training Center (Hanoi) where the shooting competition will be held during the 2021 Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games 31). Photo: VNA

Commenting on the modern shooting range of Vietnamese sports, the representative of the Asian Shooting Federation Mr. KS Henry Oka said that the shooting range of the 31st SEA Games is the most modern in Southeast Asia and capable of hosting Asian tournaments. continent and world.

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Shooting range with modern equipment such as electronic beer, automatic scoring machine … Asian standards, ready for athletes to compete. Photo: VNA

Specifically, all shooting range equipment is made according to a modern and synchronous system. In particular, the desire of many years of Vietnamese shooting has come true: It is to compete with a modern electronic beer system. Currently, the entire electronic beer system of the famous and most modern SIUS company has been installed at shooting ranges serving the 31st SEA Games.

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The electronic beer of the shooting range is imported from SIUS (Switzerland). Photo: VNA

At each shooting range, a score monitoring system will help athletes actively monitor scores and technical parameters during the competition to have appropriate solutions. When competing, in front of each athlete will be a scoreboard so that the athlete can accurately track his score.

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The view inside the 25m shooting range. Photo: VNA

Started in September 2021, under the close direction of the leaders of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, up to now, the shooting range serving the 31st SEA Games has almost completed renovation and upgrading.

According to the assessment of representatives of countries coming to Vietnam to attend the Heads of Delegation Conference on March 19, Vietnam’s shooting range is one of the most modern shooting ranges in Southeast Asia today.

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Representatives of countries come to Vietnam to attend the 31st SEA Games Delegation Conference to experience at Vietnam’s shooting range. Photo: VNA

Sharing feelings when visiting the new shooting range, head coach of the national shooting team Nguyen Thi Nhung shared: Hoang Xuan Vinh’s 2016 Olympic championship achievement is like a fairy tale for shooting. Vietnamese guns. At that time, international friends at that time had a lot of admiration for coach Nguyen Thi Nhung’s teachers and students when they had to overcome many difficulties, including training and competing at a shooting range that was still backward compared to the previous year. Southeast Asia region. Even the gunners had to use the pulley system to pull the old paper beer during practice and competition.

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Pano propaganda, visual promotion of SEA Games 31 in the shooting range. Photo: VNA

“But now even at home, our movements can be practiced in a modern shooting range of the area.

Now, Vietnamese shooters can practice and compete in a dreamlike shooting range, with all routes 50m, 25m, 10m…

It can be said that the wishes of many generations of athletes and people working in shooting across the country have come true. We don’t know what to say, but we can only thank the leaders for allowing us to have a modern shooting range that is qualified for international competition so that we can welcome international friends to compete at the SEA Games. and many other international tournaments. With this modern shooting range, we also ignite faith and hope that Vietnam’s shooting will develop even more,” said the head coach of the national shooting team.

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The scene of the 50m shooting range meets the requirements of organizing major tournaments. Photo: VNA

The 31st SEA Games will also be an opportunity to welcome domestic and international fans. As soon as the new shooting range is completed, at the end of March, the shooting team will return to the Hanoi National Sports Training Center to start training after 4 months of moving to serve the repair.

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