Kpop girl groups are often disparaged for their looks

Male singer Hee Chul (Super Junior) thinks that girl group members in Kpop often face comments about their weight.

On March 26, at the show Knowing Bros, male singer Hee Chul (Super Junior) spoke up about the difficulties that Kpop girl group members often face.

Specifically, when appearing as a guest on the show, female singer Park Jung Ah (former Jewelry member) revealed that during her 10 years of working with Jewelry, she “learned feelings she had never experienced before. hours passed”.

“I never felt jealous and was always a happy person. However, at some point, I felt jealousy and at the same time learned to control it. As a girl group member , countless different emotions have helped me to improve myself”Jung Ah shared.

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Hee Chul thinks that girl groups often suffer from weight-related comments. Photo: Naver.

When asked if jealousy comes from one member being more successful than the other, Jung Ah expressed: “It’s not like that. You started feeling jealous a long time ago. Even if other people lose more weight, your heart will develop jealousy.”

Listening to Jung Ah’s confession, male singer Hee Chul commented: “I have a bit of an understanding of girl groups. The difficult thing with girl groups is that if they gain weight, they will be told that they have gained weight.

If they lose weight, there will be a theme about them losing weight. As they get better, that also becomes a matter of discussion. If they’re not feeling well, people will talk about how bad they are.”

In fact, the Korean entertainment industry is known for its harsh standards of appearance. Besides Heechul, many other celebrities have also spoken out about the issue.

“I’ve maintained the same weight for three to four years now, but if my face swells up even a little bit, they say I’ve gained weight. And if my face looks sharper, they claim I’ve lost weight,” she said. weighing success”singer Ailee describes the public’s reaction every time she appears.

Many viewers expressed concern that these standards might force stars, especially female singers, to resort to dangerous and unscientific weight loss methods.

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