Let go of 3 things to live a pure and leisurely life to find happiness

Go deeper, thoughts, habits, and actions all need to be modified, “cleaned up” to lead a better life.

There are times when you often have to take time to find things around you, not because it’s gone, but simply too many things to cover it up. So what is the essential and essential thing to find those objects easily?

Is “saying goodbye” to meaningless things. Life Minimalism is about constantly looking back at yourself and your living space to clean up from the inside out, get rid of things you don’t use, and keep valuables. Try to start small and the results will surprise you.

Firstly, say “goodbye” to unnecessary items

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1. Clothes and shoes

I don’t have the habit of spending a lot of money on clothes, only buying a few times a year. My image in college years was pretty boring, not that I didn’t have style but the problem was lazy to invest time. Instead of buying clothes, I invest more in books.

Lately I’ve discovered that I rarely wear shoes, but I also don’t throw away old shoes that cause shoe racks to pile up. It’s time to get rid of unnecessary shoes, or give them to others.

2. Everyday items

Surely you are no stranger to discount programs at the mall. Shoppers often want to buy cheap, buy a lot, but gradually it is found that these centers are just hitting people’s greed, thereby promoting shopping demand.

Moreover, when stockpiling too much, waste is one thing, but you will have less opportunity to try better products. Therefore, for everyday essentials, keep those that are really needed, but also give new products a chance to be used.

3. Tables

You don’t need to get rid of the whole table, what you need to throw away is the items on the other table. No matter how busy you are, try to make the most of your desk space.

After using something, return it to its rightful place. A neat desk will bring positive inspiration when working, especially in the creative process.

4. Books

This is the hardest part. I often hoard books, just like the girls who love clothes, I also love books. Sometimes, I simply love to buy but end up not reading.

Then I realized it was wasteful. So don’t be swayed by the online hype and buy the book.

Second, say “goodbye” to relationships

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Relationships in life such as: Friendship, love, intimacy,… After the ups and downs of life, I realized that I should “purify” my world, including all surrounding relationships.

Of course, each relationship has different ways to maintain, people who have ended their predestined relationship should not hold on. Don’t be sad about things like that, just feel like you’re giving your best to yourself and the relationship, that’s enough!

1. Say goodbye to old friends

There are friends who were once very close, but as lifestyles, views and time pass, they will gradually drift apart. In fact, any relationship has changes, we have to accept that.

Good memories from the past are those that make people reminisce. But don’t cling to it without stopping, thereby missing out on new things.

2. Let go of past intimate relationships

When a love relationship ends, what is left is loneliness and strangeness. But everything needs a fresh start.

You don’t have to rush to reinvent yourself after the relationship ends. Gradually, crying or laughing is possible, time can help you heal. But remember, this path can only be walked by oneself, others can only accompany a part to support.

Third, say “bye” to the wrong thinking of the present, look to the future to renew yourself

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1. What values ​​can you create for yourself?

Ask yourself, what is the real value?

Think before you act, life will become valuable. Improve your health, cultivate new knowledge, sign up for useful courses, .. you can try. As long as you don’t do anything “worthless” – eating late at night, addicted to games, addicted to phones, … then your life has its own value.

Besides, learn about yourself, find yourself a suitable path to prove your own worth. You do not look to others to follow, as long as you feel it is right, you are persistent enough, that will be your success.

2. What value can you create for others?

To put it more simply, the work you are doing is not beneficial to others.

If you still think: Come to the company to complete the assigned tasks well, and you think it is to prove your worth to others, then please say: No, it is not completely true, it is just you. If you’re doing things that are meant to be done by others, you’re not creative.

The person who creates value for others here is your boss.

Many people still think they should create relationship good with superiors, but every boat has its ups and downs. No need to look for someone else to lean on, all efforts coming from yourself are the most solid and solid house.

It is necessary to accumulate for yourself new skills and knowledge, then it will be time for you to create value for the people around you.

Letting go is not too difficult, but it really takes time. Usually, you simply clean things up is enough, but go deeper, thoughts, habits, actions all need to be modified, “cleaned up” to lead a better life.

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