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Loud divorce several hundred billion

Not from the entertainment industry, but the private life of real estate giant Nguyen Duc An (SN 1962) has cost the press a lot of ink. He has 4 wives, of which 2 are long-legged showbiz, not to mention rumors about dozens of fleeting loves with other beauties.

Quick marriage with supermodel and dispute 288 billion VND

The giant Duc An was tight-lipped, until he got caught up in the divorce scandal with supermodel Ngoc Thuy. After two previous broken marriages, in 2006, Nguyen Duc An met Thuy through the introduction of friends. The giant quickly fell in love and registered a “lightning-fast” marriage with a long-legged girl after just one week of dating.

The love story of the giants – long legs at that time was like a fairy ending. In the two years from 2007 to 2008, the two welcomed two daughters, Angelina and Valentina, respectively. While in love, he did not hesitate to bring the wealth he created before marriage to buy a series of real estate, stocks, and set up bank accounts in Vietnam under his wife’s name for the purpose of two daughters. alcohol.

But just 13 months of living together, the couple took each other’s hands to the divorce court. It was from this milestone that the fairy tale turned into a full-length drama with a series of accusations and lawsuits related to a fortune of more than VND 288 billion.

The giants of four wives are heavily indebted with long legs: Divorce loudly several hundred billion, new and old accuse each other - Photo 1.

Giant Duc An and supermodel Ngoc Thuy divorced in the noise

The wealth statistics have revealed the wealth of the giant Nguyen Duc An, making many people stunned. He is a successful businessman of Vietnamese origin in the US. Calculating “fog” domestic assets at that time Duc An owned: 9 luxury apartments in District 1; 13 plots of land and villas in Phan Thiet city, Binh Thuan province; 3 plots of land in Vung Tau city; 1 villa in Binh Thanh district; 31% stake in Sao Mai Company in Vung Tau City; money to buy shares in a banking project; savings in the bank; 7 cars; 1 Vespa…

Overseas, he also owns a “huge” fortune. First of all, the income from the sale of the house and 2 properties in California amounted to nearly 300 billion VND. Next is the property at 10 Shadowcast, Newport Beach, California, estimated at $ 2,678,037 (VND 56.2 billion). He also received payments from the sale of interests in Southern California with a payment value of 1 million USD (over 21 billion VND) over 10 years.

After the divorce, the rich and long-legged couple did not hesitate to go to social networks and mass media to “show off their backs”. She accused him of being an abusive, unfaithful husband, an irresponsible father who did not take care of and provide for the children as agreed by the court. He accused her of trying to disperse her huge fortune. Even later, when they had new happiness, the two of them still did not stop fighting each other.

Ex-wife, new wife constantly “rocking” each other

One of the noisy times that can be mentioned is when the giant Duc An was caught in a dating rumor with Miss Thuy Dung. Pictures of the couple holding hands were leaked on the newspapers. However, Thuy Dung has never confirmed this relationship. However, Duc An’s ex-wife posted a “warning” status line on MXH. The hidden girl “Miss Horse age”, “lost the crown at the time of coronation” is trying to interfere in her family affairs. At this time, Thuy Dung must personally respond and call on everyone to be right next to her to protect her. She stated that she did not know who Ngoc Thuy was and did not care about everything the former model denounced.

After that, the giant Nguyen Duc An continued to be suspected of having an affair with supermodel Tran Thu Hang. The supermodel also quickly corrected that the tycoon was just a brother and a good friend.

After a broken marriage with his wife in showbiz, giant Duc An once confided that he did not want to love anyone in the art world anymore. But perhaps “predestined fate” with long legs could not be stopped, on November 7, 2015, the giant secretly made a wedding ceremony with model, 27-year-old actress Phan Nhu Thao (SN 1988). , from Ca Mau).

At that time, Nhu Thao was the cult long leg of Vietnamese showbiz. She was in the Top 10 of Miss Vietnam World 2007, top 5 Vietnamese supermodel and runner-up in the Miss Vietnam Global pageant… She also appeared in many films such as “Beauty and Fame”. “, “Lonely girl picks her husband”,…

After 6 years together, the two welcomed a little angel named Dove. The home of the giant at this time is extremely peaceful and complete. Giant Duc An in his wife’s eyes is an exemplary man who loves his wife and children. The giant was praised by Nhu Thao many times in the media.

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The rich have a sweet married life with Nhu Thao

For her part, Nhu Thao seems to put aside her entertainment career to prioritize nurturing her family. Phan Nhu Thao is very successful when doing business in the field of cosmetology and beauty. On her personal page, she also often shares her daily life. The image of a rich husband helping with housework and taking care of children makes many people admire.

Before that, when she heard that her ex-husband had a new destination, the supermodel continued to attack him online for taking the fourth bride in her life. Before this ironic move, businessman Duc An did not care.

Or once, Ngoc Thuy borrowed the story of a violent step-aunt on social networks and implied that there was no story in the world that a new wife loved her ex-wife’s children. After this post, Phan Nhu Thao immediately responded with a series of negative words.

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Real estate giants are not afraid to help their wives in the kitchen

The war of words between the new and the old reappears from time to time. Even Phan Nhu Thao angrily released a series of evidences accusing Ngoc Thuy of making up stories to smear the honor of giants Duc An and her.

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