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Making potions or something?

On TikTok recently, there is a trend of “sending your future lover”, in the form of confiding but actually a way to “show off” your good points, showing the potential to welcome a new piece of love coming. . Of course, no matter how romantic, every trend has exception versions. For example, the clip of the following girl.

To the future lover of the haunting fish soup

Joining the trend, she used the right piece of music and how to write small letters on the screen, confidently showed off her strange work of fish soup with 3 strange parts and 7 wrong parts… The soup pot turned purple-brown, cloudy, when she stirred it up. are aquarium fish, making viewers shudder.

The fish soup pot is so wrong

Watching this video, netizens were all helpless:

– “Preparing potions or something”.

“Sorry, I thought I was cooking black bean tea.”

– “Food not for humans”.

– “Dear future lover, in the future you don’t have to worry about food because we will definitely eat.”

Besides the entertainment factor, many people are really confused with her food. If the purpose of cooking soup is just a view, is it too wasteful? How will those fish be handled?

Source: @hul1507 doc-duoc-hay-gi-20220327135820405.chn

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