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Many people are being investigated for his relationship with Nguyen Phuong Hang

Ho Chi Minh CityThe investigative agency is clarifying the offense of Nguyen Phuong Hang’s aides, who broadcast live insulting others, spreading the news that the accused was released on bail…

On March 27, a source at the Ho Chi Minh City Police Department said that this move was part of the process of expanding the investigation into Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang51 years old, General Director of Dai Nam . Combined Company Taking advantage of democratic freedoms to violate the interests of the State, the legitimate rights and interests of organizations and individuals.

Prior to arresting Hang, the investigative agency had a long time to gather evidence about the offenses committed by the accused and related persons. Since mid-2021, Bu Hang has used dozens of accounts on Youtube, Facebook, and TikTok to do hundreds of live streams. It contains a lot of untrue content, using harsh words, insulting the honor and dignity of the people involved.

Since mid-February, the investigative agency has invited Ms. Hang 4 times to work to warn, hinder, and request an end to the act of live broadcasting of speech that affects others, but this woman deliberately avoided and disobeyed. Hang was accused of not cooperating, “ignoring the law”, continuing to organize many mass gatherings, affecting security and order; organize groups of people into private homes of people in conflict with them to attack and insult and livestream on social networking platforms. The investigative agency has decided to suspend Hang’s discharge until the end of April.

“The development of the incident shows that Ms. Hang has a support team, directs communication scripts, invites guests and assigns roles to attack others. The investigative agency will work with these people to clarify roles, motives, look for signs of crime,” the source said. , adding that Hang has now changed his attitude and is cooperating with the investigative agency.

Nguyen Phuong Hang at the investigative agency.  Photo: Ho Chi Minh City Police

Nguyen Phuong Hang at the investigation office on the evening of March 24. Photo: Ho Chi Minh City Police

In addition, the Ho Chi Minh City Police also summoned many social media account holders who spread false information late on March 24 (when Ms. Hang was arrested): “CEO Dai Nam is the bail of Mr. Dung Lo Voi (husband)”, “Mrs. Nguyen Phuong Hang only paid a fine of 1.5 million dong and then released it”…to clarify the motive for spreading fake news.

Also today, the Binh Duong Provincial Police worked with Le Van Phung, 32, account holder [email protected] This person admitted that at noon on March 26, he posted a video calling for a protest at 07.00 on March 27 at the gate of the Dai Nam tourist area (Hang and his wife) in Hiep An ward, Thu Dau Mot city. Phung said that he did this to “like and see the sentence”, realizing that this behavior was wrong, so he deleted the video above, promising not to repeat the offense.

Nguyen Phuong Hang is known as a real estate giant in Vietnam, wife of businessman Huynh Uy Dung – namely Dung “Lo Voi”.

In March 2021, Hang complained to the Ho Chi Minh City Police for giving “doctor” Vo Hoang Yen hundreds of billions of dong to charity, but he used the money for himself. In the next live broadcast, Ms. Hang expressed her frustration, and at the same time asked artist Hoai Linh and several others to reproach Mr. Yen for not being able to cure his illness. Didn’t reach the goal, this woman’s live stream cursed Hoai Linh “embezzlement” Public money to support compatriots affected by floods in the Central region at the end of 2020. In May 2021, the comedian admitted that he had not transferred more than 13 billion VND for charity to people affected by floods and storms due to “epidemic problems and health”. He asked his agent to hand over all the money raised a month later.

In her hundreds of live streams, Ms. Hang also confirmed that singer Thuy Tien, Dam Vinh Hung, MC Tran Thanh, Dai Nghia… asked for money to support flooding in the Central region, but “charged” tens of billions of billions separately. copper. However, in the investigation, Ministry of Public Security determined the artist does not commit fraud, does not match the charity money donated by people.

In addition, Ms. Hang also has many livestreams attacking other celebrities, including Nguyen Thi My Oanh (singer Vy Oanh). Regarding this, the singer sent a complaint to accuse Hang of slander when she said that she was a “substitute” for a rich person, “strangled someone else’s husband” … During the investigation process, the Ho Chi Minh City Police also received 6 complaints Ms. Hang about a series of actions Embarrassing others, Threat to kill

In early March, the investigative agency made the decision to temporarily suspend processing of singer Vy Oanh’s application due to the expiration of the deadline, and announced that they would continue to verify. Three days ago, the investigative agency returned to his complaint after determining sufficient grounds to sue and arrest Ms. Hang.

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