Men with this organ are bigger and richer

Anthropology has said that the bigger a man has these parts, the richer and more talented he is, and the more loyal and loyal he is to his wife and children.

Big feet

Men with this organ are bigger and richer and richer-1

Men with big feet often live realistically, do not like to flatter others to benefit themselves. They are willing to help people in difficult circumstances, so they are always loved by everyone. When young, this person may face many ups and downs. Thanks to their bravery and strength, they quickly built a solid, successful career with a lot of money.

People with big feet often have a visionary nature, knowing how to seize favorable opportunities to develop themselves as well as their career. Some people have the upper hand, sit in front of the world, have both money and power.

With his intelligence and sensitivity, family life is always happy and full.

Big mouth

Men with this organ are bigger and richer and richer-2

A man with a big mouth is smart, energetic, and skillful in both work and taking care of his wife, children, and family.

A man possessing this noble character will often have noble support, strong support from family, relatives, and friends. Possessing a strong destiny, no matter how turbulent, the person with a big mouth general will overcome all.

Entering middle age, this person is likely to achieve a high position in society. The older you get, the more your career flourishes and develops.

Moreover, this is also a brave, brave man, a solid support for his wife and children in the future.

Big nose, thick nose wings

Men with this organ are bigger and richer-3

Men with large noses and thick nose wings often have a tolerant personality, work with a vision, value predestined relationships and gratitude to family, friends and relatives, most of which will be trusted and loved by their associates. appreciated by superiors.

In anthropologyBig nose and thick nose wings are considered a sign of bringing wealth and wealth to the owner. People who own these ears are born smarter and more talented than people, when they were young, they studied well and excelled, when they grew up, they became famous and successful, and their career became more and more stable.

That’s why most of the people with noble generals are big noses, thick nose wings, and have both good luck and good fortune in their whole life.

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