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Pitbull angry, rushes to attack the girl right in the elevator

The incident took place in an apartment building in the Colombian city of Ccuta.

The victim was a 25 year old girl and she was attacked by her pet dog. The captured image shows a girl walking with a 4-year-old Pitbull about to enter an elevator.

When he had just bent down to tie his shoelaces, the animal suddenly became angry, rushed to bite and attack its owner. At the same time, the stairwell door opened, the dog bit the victim’s arm and pulled her into the elevator.

Surprisingly attacked, the girl showed excruciating pain, trying to fight the madness of her pet dog, but still refused to let go. Finally, the girl struggled to get up, repeatedly pressing the stairs button with her bloody arm.

When the stairwell door opened, he rushed out and the animal continued to chase. Hearing the girl’s voiceless screams, the occupants of the building quickly ran to the rescue. The victim was then taken to the hospital to be examined for bleeding wounds.

Local authorities said they would investigate the dog’s living conditions. It will be sent to the health care unit of the Ccuta City Zoonoses Center for 10 days for behavioral analysis, after which the authorities will decide on its fate.

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