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Primmy Truong, Ha Ho is different

Phan Thanh’s wife

One of the most famous bridesmaids in the world must definitely mention Primmy Truong – the wife of General Director Phan Thanh. Before getting married, Primmy Truong was a prestigious and beautiful lady. After becoming the bride of the Phan family and giving birth to her first son, Kyle, she still retains her beauty and luxurious temperament in every appearance.

Primmy Truong plays the wife of a thoroughbred and incarnates the legendary mother of milk - Photo 1.

Primmy Truong is getting more and more beautiful and sweet and looks like a concubine’s wife

Of course, that doesn’t mean that Primmy Truong will be completely different from normal mothers. On the contrary, many times, Phan Thanh’s wife has proven her career in taking care of children, she is just like many others, many people comment that the mother of one child has completely played the role of the wife of a master and transformed herself into a mother of milk. In legendary.

Primmy Truong plays the wife of the thoroughbred and incarnates the legendary mother of milk - Photo 2.

Who would believe that Phan Thanh’s wife sometimes looks like this

Following Primmy for so long, everyone will surely notice her change after having a baby. Before that, Primmy often only posted beautiful pictures of herself or shared beauty experiences like the beauty blogger she once took on. However, at present, 90% of the content that Phan Thanh’s wife shares on social networks will be related to child care, breastfeeding as well as family matters.

Since having children, Primmy Truong has been using social media more, but most of the content is around her son.

Diep Lam Anh

After moving out of her husband’s house because of the third person, Diep Lam Anh is currently living a stable life with her son and daughter. What makes everyone feel secure is that Boorin and B.boy are not separated but live with their mother and often visit their grandparents together. This behavior of Diep Lam Anh received much agreement from everyone.

The mother of two children is considered to be the hot mom of showbiz. Every time she appears in public, Diep Lam Anh always makes fans admire her sexy appearance. It seems that after the divorce, she became more and more beautiful, her body “swallowed” as if she had never experienced any birth.

Hot and daring is that, but when she is with her two babies, Diep Lam Anh is like “released”, is a loving, simple mother. Recently, a clip recorded the image of a mother and daughter jumping on the street, making everyone smile. Instead of revealing clothes and high heels, the mother of two chose for herself a super simple outfit of jeans, a T-shirt and flat shoes. Hair is also neatly tied to make it easy to take the children’s hands to play.

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Simple and lovely moment.

This image makes viewers feel secure because after the storm, Diep Lam Anh deserves to have peaceful and happy moments with her children. This “off the shoulder” moment is praised for being extremely lovely, simple but still very beautiful.

To own the current attractive body, the mother of 2 has worked very hard to exercise. Before that, Diep Lam Anh’s exercises to keep his body in shape made many people admire. Even during pregnancy, she still exercises regularly to help her body toned and easier to give birth naturally.

The mother of 2 “burns” the most in Vietnamese showbiz.

Diep Lam Anh’s hot appearance when “dressing up”.

After giving birth to two children, it seems that Diep Lam Anh also set a new record in terms of body shape with a waist that is smart enough to wear size S (about 63-67cm) and always practices to keep fit. Thanks to that, Diep Lam Anh always maintains her form as one of the most sexy showbiz mothers. The times she wears swimsuits, whether two-piece or one-piece, she shows off her hot body, soft curves, “burning eyes” of fans. As a woman, especially a diaper mother, she must always know how to make herself beautiful.

Pregnant aristocrat Le Loan

Since joining showbiz, Le Loan spends all her time taking care of her family and her young daughter Kha Han. The aristocratic mother is still working hard to “update” her daily life on social networks, from eating, going out, raising children … is interested by many people.

Recently, Le Loan’s husband and famous supercar player Phan Cong Khanh shared pictures of his wife and daughter on his personal page. Instead of fancy clothes, expensive branded bags, well-groomed hair, Le Loan completely plays the role of a genuine mother of milk, surprising many fans.

The aristocratic pregnant woman

Diaper moms don’t wear fancy clothes like before, but focus on taking care of their children. The rich husband Phan Cong Khanh also received a lot of compliments for always loving and caring for his wife and children.

If in the past, people only saw aristocratic mother wearing expensive fashion clothes and dresses, going on luxury vacations, posing next to tens of billions of supercars or living far away. flowers and rich in the smell of money… now like many other mothers, the mother of one no longer pays too much attention to her appearance whenever she appears in public, but focuses on worrying about her little daughter.

In the photo, Le Loan does not wear makeup, leaves her face natural, just puts on a little lipstick and wears simple clothes to make it easier to hold her baby, and has a quick clip of her hair. It is true that since having a child, Le Loan did not hesitate to share a picture of her mother with her hair tied temporarily, to take advantage of time to spend for herself.

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After giving birth, the mother-of-one also often appeared in public with simple clothes and neat hair, which people rarely saw before.

Even so, everyone still complimented the aristocratic mother who was very radiant, fresh and happy in her new role. Seeing how Phan Cong Khanh loves his wife and children makes everyone jealous. In addition to super cars, which is a great passion, Le Loan’s rich husband spends all his time taking care of his wife and little daughter.

In the past, it looked so sexy…. sometimes it was luxurious in travel, when it was “playful” showing off its figure with a billion-dollar supercar.

The image of Le Loan in her spare time made everyone flutter. Turns out everyone has to “release their shoulders” to be a mom, right, everyone?

Le Loan’s image received a lot of sympathy from fans. After giving birth, every mother has to face many problems from health, physique to learning how to get used to life with a new member. So it was normal for the noble mother to not groom herself because she was busy taking care of the baby. The most important thing is a healthy mother, a good baby and a happy and happy life.

Ho Ngoc Ha

From a beautiful girl that shines all the time, mothers have transformed into “tangled hair”, dressed casually when taking care of their children. It’s not enough to want to be “messy” like going out, because the kids will make moms listless after only 5 minutes! Most mothers will have a situation when going out to the fullest and at home, they are completely exhausted, even hot mom Ha Ho is no exception.

When Vietnamese hot mom

Dressing up is so luxurious…

When Vietnamese hot mom

During a walk with her husband with two children, Ho Ngoc Ha’s family caught the eye of the “crosswalk team”. The moment the singer and Kim Ly held the baby surprised many people. After reviewing this image, Ho Ngoc Ha said that it was funny to see it yourself, let alone other people. laden-kho-tin-diep-lam-anh-gian-di-het-muc-20220316165454664.chn

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