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Rare genetic mutation, grasshoppers ‘wear pink’

It is because grasshoppers carry strange color often helped 33-year-old Dirk Parker discover it lurking in the green foliage.

The guy from Ohio and working as an environmental inspector in East Texas shared that he didn’t know Grasshopper How rare is this rose?

“I just thought it was an ordinary grasshopper that’s not there in Ohio. So the first thing that came to my mind was if the grasshopper was a fishing bait, that would be great,” Mr. Parker said.

After researching on Google, Mr. Parker knew the reason why locusts exist pink because he has a rare condition called ‘erythrocytosis’ which is caused by a recessive gene. We rarely see pink grasshoppers. It is this unusualness that makes it an easy target for predators.

Rare genetic mutation, grasshopper wearing pink coat - Photo 1.

Dirk Parker spotted the pink grasshopper while working in Woodland, Texas.

Mr. Parker said he returned to the location where the locust was discovered the next day and took more than 10 minutes of searching to find it. “Lucky to find it again after more than 10 minutes of searching,” Mr Parker said.

This time, he caught the grasshopper to raise and name it Pinky. “I’m keeping Pinky as a pet. It’s great to share with everyone a picture of a rare and beautiful pink Pinky,” said Mr. Parker excitedly as he held Pinky in his hand.

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