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Reasons not to go to Dubai in summer

UAEMay to October is considered the tourist low season in Dubai due to the hot climate and the month of Ramadan.

In many tourist destinations, summer is considered the peak season, but that is not the case for Dubai, UAE. Dubai tour prices from May to October are usually cheaper than other months, but according to traveler, visitors should not take the risk. The two reasons indicated are certain climatic conditions in the Middle East and the month of Ramadan.

Temperature and climate

Dubai has a hot and dry climate all year round, but from May to October the temperatures are much higher than in other months. Tourists who come to Dubai so far mostly only visit shopping centers and travel in air-conditioned cars. Very few tourists go to the beach in this weather, especially in the morning and evening.

Dubai is very hot in summer.  Photo: Unsplash

Dubai is very hot in summer. Photo: Remove splash

Summer in Dubai is not rainy. The temperature from June to August does not drop below 30 degrees Celsius and the highest temperature can reach 41 degrees Celsius. If you want to swim in the sea to cool off, this is not normal in Dubai when the sea temperature is here. summer to 33 degrees Celsius in August.

Summer holidays in Dubai are dangerous for tourists with health problems, related to respiratory and cardiovascular.


Muslims in Dubai are praying.  Photo: Unsplash

Muslims in Dubai are praying. Photo: Remove splash

The holy month of Ramadan usually falls in June or July every year. In 2022, this month runs from April to May. If you decide to visit Dubai in the summer, you should check if you have arrived in time for the month of Ramadan. First, you cannot visit Muslim religious sites during Ramadan. Second, the normal life of the people will be reversed when they fast from sunrise to sunset. During this time, tourists are also very concerned about behavior and clothing so as not to offend the religion of the host country.

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