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Reducing taxes, “cooling down” gasoline prices

The National Assembly Standing Committee has passed a Resolution on the environmental protection tax rate for Petroleumgrease, through which from April 1 to the end of this year, tax will be reduced by 2,000 VND/liter of gasoline, 1,000 VND/liter of diesel, fuel oil and lubricants.

The reduction of the environmental protection tax rate compared to the current one will reduce the retail price of gasoline by 2,200 VND/liter, respectively, according to the report. Workers.

In the context that the COVID-19 epidemic is still complicated, it is necessary to have an operating solution to stabilize the domestic petroleum market. So according to Labor Newspaperthe adjustment and reduction of environmental protection tax rates on gasoline, oil and grease is a suitable and necessary solution, although it will reduce budget revenue by nearly VND 24,000 billion.

After the environmental tax, will gasoline reduce other taxes?

As an essential commodity, the reduction of petrol prices will have an impact on all aspects of people’s lives and socio-economic activities. Newspaper Police asked the question: “After the environmental tax, does gasoline reduce other taxes?”.

Reducing taxes,

The reduction of petrol prices will have an impact on all aspects of people’s lives and socio-economic activities. (Photo: VNA)

The article gives the opinion of experts, it must take a longer time, have more scenarios, such as when the price of gasoline fluctuates more strongly, to 130, even 150 USD/barrel, the Ministry of Industry and Trade may propose to continue to reduce taxes on petroleum such as excise tax, value added tax or diversify supply.

Former Director of Price Management Department, Ministry of Finance, Mr. Nguyen Tien Thoa emphasized: “In the long term, there should be reform solutions to regulate petrol and oil in accordance with the market mechanism”.

It would be extreme to call for the complete elimination of some taxes on gasoline (such as the Environmental Protection tax, or the Special Consumption tax), but in difficult times, it is necessary to consider reducing taxes, Great Solidarity comment. It is also a way to stabilize the market, to recover and develop production without depleting revenue.

Difficult questions about gasoline

Appreciating this decision of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly, National Assembly delegate Tran Hoang Ngan has an analysis article in the newspaper Youth: “Difficult questions about gasoline”.

Mr. Ngan reiterated, in order to reduce the above 50% environmental protection tax, the authority belongs to the National Assembly Standing Committee, but according to the order, it also takes a while to decide, so right now, it must be taken into account. other solution. That is defining gasoline as an essential commodity, which must be taken out of the object of excise tax in order to promptly submit it to the National Assembly; have more policies to support people, stabilize the macro-economy, until the difficulties pass, it is not too late to return to levy excise tax on gasoline.

Employees work overtime for no more than 60 hours

Also last week, the National Assembly Standing Committee also passed a resolution on the number of overtime hours in a year, through which employees will work no more than 60 hours per month.

The increase in overtime hours is considered very carefully, objectively, thoroughly and responsibly on the basis of harmonizing the interests of the employee and the employer. Workers evaluate.

Many opinions of the National Assembly Standing Committee emphasized that the option of only working overtime for no more than 60 hours per month, rather than choosing the option of no more than 72 hours, is appropriate in the current conditions. with the overarching goal of increasing wages and reducing working hours. Enterprises that want to increase labor productivity must improve technology, ensure increased wages and reduced working hours for employees. Our Party and State have always advocated not to trade people’s health and lives for growth.

Lifting the ceiling overtime is only temporary

Agreeing with the above decision, but some labor experts said that: “Raising the ceiling overtime is only an urgent and temporary solution”.

According to Deputy Department of Policy and Law, Vietnam General Confederation of Labor Le Dinh Quang, overtime is a complex issue that must take into account many factors, because many studies and practices have confirmed that overtime is much. will affect physical as well as mental health, increase diseases, increase labor risks, decrease productivity…

Therefore, it must be affirmed that increasing overtime is only a temporary solution to help businesses restore production and apply in a short time. In the long term, management agencies need to have sustainable policies to improve labor productivity, not consider increasing overtime as the main solution.

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