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She put her ear to me and said a sentence that made me tremble with anger and then canceled the wedding

4 years ago I divorced my husband and became a single mother. The marriage My head is broken, I plan to stay like this for the rest of my life to raise my children to be good people.

Until I met Thanh, my heart fluttered really. He is a virgin, lives very affectionately and knows how to pamper my daughter. Every time he comes to my house, he buys many sweets and toys for his children. Seeing the way he plays and talks with his children so affectionately, I wish to have a happy family.

I feel Thanh loves me very much and sincerely. Once I was sick, he took a week off to take care of me. At night I was so feverish he didn’t dare to sleep, every now and then he put his hand on my forehead and then his forehead to measure the difference in temperature. For the first time in my life, I was taken care of by a man so passionately, so I was really moved.

While everyone in my family supported the wedding, Thanh’s parents strongly opposed it. Because Thanh is a young man, marrying me he suffered many disadvantages and bad reputation, how could his parents be happy.

But with Thanh’s strength and determination, in the end, our wedding still took place. On the day of the wedding, everything went very smoothly, until I prepared step on the flower car. Seeing my daughter standing behind me, I pulled her into the car with me. But the baby warmly leaned in my ear and said: “Just now, Thanh’s father told me not to go with my mother, this is the wedding day of father and mother, you must not interfere.”

When my daughter said that, I was so hot that I threw flowers at the groom and said there was no more marriage. Fast as lightning, Thanh took my hand and confirmed that he did not say those words. He said that my daughter didn’t want to go with him, so he made up nonsense stories.

Children tell the truth, and Thanh is always nice to my children, how could he lie. Don’t want to live with hypocritical husband, don’t want to get wrong husband again and decide wedding cancellation.

This whole week, Thanh has come to my house every day to apologize and want to bring my mother and me back to his house to live. But thinking about what he said to my children makes me afraid that my daughter will suffer when she comes back to live with her uncle. What do you guys think I should do?

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