Son says “doesn’t promise to take care of his parents for the rest of his life”

The case mentioned in this story is the husband and wife of Mr. Nguyen Van P. and Nguyen Thi T. (living in Ward 9, Ca Mau City, Ca Mau). Burying in a house disputed with her son, whom the two men have been attached to for 70-80 years, is the last wish of the couple’s life.

According to Thanh Nien newspaper, the dispute between Mr. and Mrs. P. and the 4th son occurred because this son had promised to raise the old man and his wife until death, so he was entitled to all the land and houses, but he had only raised them for nearly a year. then he “flipped his face”, leaving him without raising two old people, so Mr. P. sued to reclaim the house.

Ms. Nguyen Thi T. (5th daughter of Mr. P.) told the newspaper above that the reason why her parents’ death will was like this because: “Not willing to lose the house and land to the 4th son. So before he died, he wished to bury him and his grandmother in the house.”

Their wishes were also returned by their descendants and provided to the government, so even if the fourth brother prevented them, the government would not make it difficult.

Meanwhile, Ho Chi Minh City Law Newspaper (PLO) said that Mr. P’s fourth son, Nguyen Van V. in Tan Xuyen ward, Ca Mau city had previously presented in court that he did not promise to parenting for life.

According to Mr. V., in June 2017, it was true that he and his wife were agreed by the whole family to live together and take care of their parents, but he never promised. However, in March 2018, he and his wife left the house they shared with their parents because they were offended.

As for the disputed house, the name transfer procedure was clearly conducted with Mrs. T. (Mr. V.’s sister) so he replied that he did not agree to return the land because the land was given to her and not related to her parents.

Although the People’s Court of Ca Mau City accepted the request of Mr. P., forcing the fourth son to return the land ownership to him, when the People’s Court of Ca Mau province tried to appeal, he rejected all of Mr. P’s request because that the gifting between grandparents and children is unconditional.

When the appellate court heard that on March 25, 2021, Mr. P. was still alive and said with great pain, “The child who will support me and my wife to death, I will give the property. The court ruled that it was unconditional. Please ask the court, who has such a small amount of property for retirement, giving it away unconditionally and now I don’t know where to live” (PLO newspaper quoted).

After knowing the appeal court’s conclusion, Ms. NTT, a neighbor of Mr. Phat, also told the PLO that everyone in the neighborhood knew that the two old men were very easy-going. As long as the child promised to adopt, he would give the house to the mainland, change his name. always. “But the court ruled that it was an unconditional gift. The children have not taken care of their parents for less than a year and now they don’t support them anymore without returning the donated land, what is the point of morals anymore,” said Mrs. NTT sadly. speak.

Regarding the incident, on March 27, Mr. Truong Tan Nghiem – Chairman of the People’s Committee of Ward 9, Ca Mau City, Ca Mau Province – told the Laborer newspaper that this house is temporarily uninhabited and can be used as a church. Therefore, the government will mobilize the family to gradually bring the two elderly people to the cemetery. Besides, the 4th son of the two men has not yet requested anything from the locality.

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