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Spotting 8 bad habits that destroy men’s sperm need to give up – Life Health

Sunday, March 27, 2022 16:03 PM (GMT+7)

The quality and quantity of men’s sperm can be seriously affected by bad habits in daily life that not many people notice.

The average healthy man produces between 15-200 million sperm/ml of semen. However, both the quantity and quality of sperm can be reduced completely because of the habits of daily living.

1. Taking a hot bath for too long

When the body needs to stay warm, the male testicles need to stay as cold as possible.

If at the right temperature, the testicles will produce good sperm on their own, healthy sperm increases the possibility of conception. When taking a hot bath for too long, it will directly affect the activity of the scrotum and negatively affect the function of the testicles during sperm production. This interferes with sperm production as well as significantly reduces the quality of sperm.

Men should take a shower with a water temperature that is not too hot, not too long.

2. Sitting and working with the computer

Spotting 8 bad habits that destroy male sperm need to give up - 1

The habit of keeping the computer on your lap can kill sperm.

Computer is an indispensable means of work. But if you sit for too long with the computer, this device has a high heat dissipation, sitting on the mattress will increase the temperature in the male genitals. Sitting for a long time in one position, not moving, and being hot will cause the genitals to limit the ability to produce sperm. Long-term can affect the ability to produce sperm, more seriously can cause infertility, infertility.

To limit the negative effects of computer use on sperm production, some habits should be changed below:

– Do not place the computer on your stomach or thighs to work.

– Must put the computer on the table, choose the table and chair with the appropriate height.

– Use airy material seats, avoid using synthetic leather, felt, feathers… causing hot spots.

– If possible, should put some plants that absorb heat radiation on the desk.

– When sitting at work, do not sit cross-legged. Occasionally change positions or stand up and walk a little to relax the eyes and reduce the heat for the “private area”.

Reduced sperm quality is a warning sign of male fertility problems. There are many causes of reduced sperm quality and weak sperm such as genetics, acquired diseases, physical conditions, etc. But there are also many unhealthy habits and lifestyles that cause the condition. This is in men.

MSc. Doctor of Medicine Thieu Si Sac – Viet Duc Hospital

3. Regular use of processed food, fast food

Processed meats like bacon, sausage, ham… are not the best choice for male fertility. These foods cause uncontrolled weight gain, increase free radicals in the blood that destroy sperm as well as impair sperm formation and production.

In a clinical study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers found that processed meat intake was linked to sperm production in men. In fact, people who ate a lot of processed meat had 23.2% less duplicate sperm counts than those who consumed the least of these foods.

Consumption of saturated fat also affects sperm production. In a group of healthy young men, those with the highest consumption of trans fats had 15% lower testosterone levels than those consuming the least fat.

Additionally, when eating saturated fats from the same group reviewed in another study, the highest intakes were also associated with a 37% lower sperm count duplication, which is believed to decrease function. testicular function.

Spotting 8 bad habits that destroy men's sperm need to give up - 3

Processed foods are not good for male reproductive health.

4. Wear tight pants

Prolonged use of tight shorts and jeans can affect the health of sperm and eventually kill them. Several studies have shown that the scrotal temperature in men wearing tight clothing is significantly higher than in those wearing loose clothing. An increase in scrotal temperature may be caused by an increase in the temperature of the air between the clothing and the skin.

According to a study of semen samples, sperm count was reduced by 50% in tight pants compared to loose pants.

To prevent this, avoid wearing underwear that is too tight for many hours of the day. Find yourself an outfit that fits, not too tight or too loose. Also, be very careful with the material you wear. Choose one that says 100% cotton because cotton or polyester blends can increase the temperature of the scrotum and lead to a decrease in sperm count.

5. Keep your phone in your pocket

When not in use, most men keep their phones in their pockets. Meanwhile, the phone is one of the powerful heat dissipation electronics. Many young people also turn on all kinds of applications at the same time, causing significant heat generation. This is significantly associated with reduced sperm quality.

A 2018 study found evidence that exposure to RF electromagnetic waves emitted by cell phones negatively affects sperm quality. While another study concluded that long-term exposure to electromagnetic waves from cell phones is associated with a reduced number of mature sperm.

6. Do not use condoms

Spotting 8 bad habits that destroy male sperm need to give up - 4

Having sex without a condom can lead to STIs.

Having sex and not using protection like wearing a condom increases your risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. In particular, urethritis caused by gonorrhea, chlamydia, trachomatis… can cause testicular inflammation, even blockage of the vas deferens, causing infertility.

7. Drinking a lot of alcohol affects sperm quality

Alcohol directly destroys the spermatogenesis tubules, destroys the liver, increases toxins in the blood, increases harmful free radicals. Drinking a lot and often causes a decrease in libido in men, this is also one of the symptoms of infertility. Alcohol reduces the concentration of Globulin, hinders the development of sperm, reduces sperm quality. For men, the use of alcoholic beverages will reduce testosterone levels. This makes the number of sperm released will be less than normal, the semen will be more dilute …

8. Smoking

Smoking is dangerous erectile dysfunction in men. According to the Journal of Andrology, men who smoke are twice as likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction than non-smokers.

Smoking can lead to decreased testosterone, testicular atrophy… making sperm production difficult. Some evidence suggests that male smokers with higher sperm counts than brand-name DNA may have reduced fertility and higher rates of miscarriage. There is more inflammation in the semen of smokers.

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