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The 6-year-old boy went to the police station to complain about traffic jams

Because of frequent traffic jams on the way to school, a 6-year-old boy in India went to the police station to complain.

We all get annoyed if we encounter a scene traffic jam on the road. For some children, it can be even more frustrating because of their hyperactivity.

Recently, a video shared on Twitter by SriLakshmi Muttev shows several policemen listening to complaints from a 6-year-old child named Kartik, a student at Adarsha School. Kartik complains about the traffic problem that the boy often faces, which is traffic jams.

Watch video:

N. Bhaskar, a police officer here, said that the traffic congestion problem near Kartik’s school may be due to construction work going on here. This area has a tractor working at the construction site, so it often causes traffic jams. Kartik is not the only one having problems with this.

According to Newsmeter, the inspector was also surprised by Kartik’s way of talking and they had a rather serious conversation with Kartik. N. Bhaskar assures Kartik that he will look into the matter and the roads will be reopened. He also gave his contact number to Kartik and told him to call him if he had any problems.

Hoang Anh (according to Cartoq)

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