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The city in western Ukraine was attacked by rockets

Black smoke rises over Lviv after being hit by a missile. Photo: Reuters.

This is the most serious attack on the western Ukrainian city since Russia launched a special military operation more than a month ago.

Earlier, local officials said three loud explosions were heard in the eastern city of Lviv following the air strikes. The image, confirmed by Reuters news agency, showed thick columns of black smoke rising, and a strong burning smell filled the air.

Lviv is located about 60 km from the Polish border. Before the war broke out, the city had more than 700,000 inhabitants. Today, however, tens of thousands of people from all over Ukraine have flocked to this city to seek refuge.

Ukraine wants security guarantees

The office of the President of Ukraine confirmed yesterday that the security system for Ukraine is one of the important factors in the negotiations with Russia.

Accordingly, a system to ensure security for Ukraine will not be complete without the participation of the United States. Issues such as the future of Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk… will be decided only by the Presidents of Ukraine and Russia.

However, according to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, it is too early to talk about a meeting between the two presidents because there has been no breakthrough in the negotiations between the two sides.

A month ago, the delegations of Russia and Ukraine conducted three rounds of direct peace talks in Belarus. The fourth negotiation began on March 14 in an online form.

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