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The giant pig merchant held a big wedding anniversary party, the huge fortune stunned everyone

Recently, on social networks, a clip about the 15th anniversary of the large-scale wedding anniversary of the “mysterious” giant Hai Duong circulated on social media. Therefore, the “big” level of this celebration must include the “owner” ” the party was very willing to spend to invite dozens of famous singers such as: Nguyen Hung, Ngoc Son, Duong Ngoc Thai, To My, Quang Ha, Khanh Phuong, .. . to perform in two nights: One night singing at the celebration party and one night free performance to serve the people of the homeland.

The giant pig merchant opened the amp;#34;terrible #34; wedding anniversary party, his huge fortune shocked everyone - 1

Hai Duong giant big wedding 15th anniversary

Giant pig merchant opens wedding anniversary party

Many famous singers joined the party.

The party campus, which was the “owner’s” thousand square meter house, had turned into a monumental stage, glittering with lights. super cars gather in the castle complex – the villas of the giants, which are very expensive cars like Rolls-Royce Phantom, Land Rover Range Rover, Porsche Panamera, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Bentley Continental Flying Spur, Lexus LS and BMW 4-Series …. All of these supercars are the property of their owners, gold plated on the outside and carry unique license plates. Apart from supercars, these giants are also powerful. Pay for helicopter rentals and luxury yachts.

Very quickly, netizens discovered Hai Duong’s giant “identity”. It is known that the owner of the wedding party mentioned above was Mr. Nguyen Van Chien (SN 1977, in O Me village, Hung Dao commune). Tu Ky district, Hai Duong province) Anh Chien is a self-employed wealthy man who has difficulty earning a living because he grew up in a family where his father worked as a long-distance pig trader and his mother worked as a pig trader. slaughtering a pig, netizens in particular gave the nickname “big pig” to this giant.

Giant pig merchant opens wedding anniversary party

Giant pig merchant opens wedding anniversary party

Giant pig merchant opens wedding anniversary party

Space villas, helicopter models, and Hai Duong’s giant supercar.

Since the age of 14, Mr. Chien has been catching pigs himself, because he is too small to sit in the saddle of the cart, so he has to “put his dog’s paw” through the frame and then bend down to pedal and carry the 60-70kg pig. When he was older, he rode Min Kho’s old motorbike to catch pigs. Later, Mr. Chien saw that directly slaughtering pigs was difficult, but fortunately it wasn’t much, so he turned to trading in pigs.

“Back then, I could study well, but I just wanted to take a break to go to the market with my mother. My father beat me in the field many times and then said: “You have to study, but our brother does not have a higher education or broad understanding”. I replied: “I just want to do business”. My mother cried all day, but that still didn’t change my decision.

Giant pig merchant opens wedding anniversary party

Giant pig merchant opens wedding anniversary party

Rich man and his wife on wedding anniversary

I skipped school for a hundred days a year, was out all the time, so my parents had to take time off. After finishing 6th grade, I went to the market with my mother. Every day, the mother slaughters a pig with her uncle, then divides it into two parts and sells it at the village market. At first, I only raised money for myself, then I boiled water, shaved my hair, and after 2 years, I was able to operate immediately,” Chien once shared with the Vietnamese Agricultural newspaper.

After a very difficult time as a pork butcher, he did not make much profit, so Mr. Chien turned to the pork trade. At first, he bought in the villages, then called others to sell. Gradually, many pig farms opened, he bought pigs from farms, companies, enterprises, … and then moved to the slaughterhouse, to the regions and exported to China. Until 2008, Mr. Chien traded 500 pigs a day, now 3000 head/day.

Mr. Chien recalls: “Initially, I bought about 5-7 head of cattle at a time in the villages and communes, then rented oxcarts to take them back, and called others to come and sell them. Society is moving forward, large farms are more and more open, I buy pigs from farms, companies, enterprises, and move them to slaughterhouses, regions, and then exported to China.

Giant pig merchant opens wedding anniversary party

Portrait of a tycoon born in 1977.

When the South is short, I buy from the North and push in, when the North is short, I buy from the South and push out. One has to calculate enough profit per new pig to trade, and I take quantity as profit.”

From his bare hands, he built a great career, but for many people in Hai Duong, Mr. Nguyen Van Chien is very simple. Despite owning a set of gold-plated supercars, Chien still rides an electric bike. In the morning, he eats a bowl of pho for 25,000 VND, mingles with neighbors, regardless of rich or poor, but greets everyone warmly when he meets him. .

On his personal page, this giant often displays photos of his wife and children, a happy family. Chien also shared lots of her wedding anniversary photos. Another thing that makes many people excited is the beauty of his beautiful wife.

Mr. Chien is also one of those giants who work hard for charity, but he doesn’t want to sign up himself. The giant “hog merchant” had many practical contributions in terms of money and wealth. In the recent COVID-19 outbreak, Pak Chien donated 1-2 pigs to each hamlet for meat.

During the live broadcast, the giant also shared: “I have faced many events, ups and downs, and failures, but those challenges helped me change my mind and start a new journey, a construction journey. building assets, growing a business related to social security and Volunteering activities, along the way there is always encouragement from the family, but more broadly, the blessing of the ancestors, grandparents, sympathy and suffering of his beloved wife”.

In particular, the giant pig merchant built a large green garden, inside with a fountain, koi fish tank, sea lion fish tank, statue of Saint Giong, Goddess of Liberty, giant yacht, and swimming pool. , the streets are clean and beautiful… so that the people of their hometown have a place to play and have free entertainment. He also participated in ancillary items for medical stations and schools, paved the commune road connecting the two villages for about 2 km long, installed high-pressure lamps …

“Not to mention we have the best road in Hung Dao in the Tu Ky district, in the village and in the fields, all the concrete is poured, the car doesn’t have to spin, because people donate land and contribute, including part of it, Chien’s business.

He was a conscientious person who made many contributions to the locality. Recently, he also built a village gate, which is engraved with several gold-plated words: “Hat Village” (O Me Village) and behind it is “Remembering the roots” Nguyen Xuan Lieu – Vice Chairman of the Hung Dao Commune People’s Committee proudly said.

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