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The love story of a transgender girl

Khanh HoaWhen she knew Tri Nguyen, Kha Ai still pretended to be a girl to sing. To come to him, she had to go through painful surgeries and prejudices of people.

On the evening of March 20, when Kha Ai finished the song, applause broke out in the courtyard of the cultural house in Dien Thanh commune, Dien Khanh district. She wiped away the tears of emotion. In a corner, her husband, Tri Nguyen, was also in tears. Just a few hours before this performance, the two held a betrothal ceremony.

“A day with too many emotions. To get to this day, everything is not easy,” Kha Ai, 28 years old, shared.

Kha Ai - Tri Nguyen in the engagement and engagement ceremony, March 20.  Character photo provided.

Kha Ai – Tri Nguyen in the engagement and engagement ceremony, March 20. Character photo provided.

Kha Ai’s birth name was Luong Duc Cuong, hometown of Lien Huong, Binh Thuan. From the age of three, Ai clearly expressed her desire to be a girl. In 2012, she decided to drop out of acting school in Saigon to join the bingo troupe. The whole family advised not to go, fearing that Kha Ai could not stand the hard work of traveling around while her career as an MC in the countryside was going very well. “But in my hometown, I can’t wear girls’ clothes, can’t wear makeup and live true to myself, so I’m still determined to leave,” she said.

The next morning, Ai followed the group to Dong Nai. She brought with her eight folding chairs and a plywood board that her mother had prepared so that she would have a bedspread under the stage every night.

With her beautiful voice and sense of humour, the troupe performing everywhere Kha Ai also received love. Thinking that her hair is still short, her body is still rough, but she is loved like that, Ai is more confident. After 5 years of singing, she had enough money to raise her breasts, starting to step into the path of “rediscovering her true self”.

In 2019, Kha Ai returned to Dien Thanh commune, Dien Khanh, Khanh Hoa province to perform and met Tri Nguyen, a militia man who was sent downstairs by the commune to perform. Standing on the stage, the girl sang and laughed every time she saw the boy afraid to “run away” when being bullied by his sisters Transgender in the joke group.

Night after night, every time she went on stage, she involuntarily looked at him. One day, she put on makeup early, and as soon as she saw Nguyen coming upstairs, she immediately asked to make friends on Facebook. That night the two talked for a long time. At that time, Tri Nguyen was afraid of other transgender people but sympathized with Ai because he loved her performance on stage and found her the most feminine in the group. Before saying goodbye, he promised to take her out at 7 am the next morning.

The first time I dated a guy, Ai was restless and couldn’t sleep, woke up at 4 am. The two had a fun day going to the movies and playing at the mall. Since then, they texted each other more. Tri Nguyen more and more understand and pity the girl’s soul who wants to get rid of Ai’s outer form.

Having known each other for about a month, Kha Ai was invited by a cosmetic program in Hanoi to have free surgery. Because the organizers collected the phone, the two lost contact with each other for 20 days. The day she received the phone call, Tri Nguyen was shocked because of her tight bandaged face. He cried because of pain. She also cried because she missed.

After a month and a half apart, they welcomed each other and returned to their hometown in Binh Thuan. Khanh Hoa young man was very surprised to see that Ai had just returned to the village and had a lot of people asking about him. “Seeing the children follow in her footsteps, saying that I remember and blame for not returning, I like Ai even more,” he confided. From then on, the two fell in love with each other in secret.

At the beginning of 2020, Tri Nguyen goes military service. Three days before leaving, he told his mother: “I’m in love with a transgender person.” Mrs. Bich Thao, his mother, lost her temper and called the girl: “You let her go. You’re older than her, consider them a sister. She’s been in the army for two years, you forget her. His father is difficult. It’s very calculated. If he finds out, the door will be destroyed…”.

But what surprised Mrs. Thao the most was when Nguyen’s father knew about it, he supported her. “If they love each other, let them love each other. As long as they’re happy, there’s nothing to discriminate,” he said. Even after watching Kha Ai sing, he also praised “like a girl, the voice is also feminine”.

As soon as he was away from his lover, Covid-19 broke out, travel and performances had to stop. Kha Ai decided to borrow money to Thailand to perform the last surgery. Never had she been in such pain as this time, to the point of wanting to end her life at one point. “But thinking about the promise to wait for him for two years, I tried to overcome it,” she said.

As for Mrs. Thao, after thinking about it for a while, love of children, it is no longer difficult to accept as before. Knowing that Ai had just gone through pain, she took the initiative to call to check on her health and then told her: “When you come back, come home, I will cook delicious food for you”.

On the return day, Kha Ai stopped at her boyfriend’s house, sat down to eat with his uncle and aunt. Mrs. Thao encouraged her to stay at her home to recuperate after surgery. Knowing that she could not sing because of Covid-19, her grandparents gave her money to pay for surgery and expenses.

After three months as a rookie, Thao invited Kha Ai to Gia Lai to visit Nguyen. They were shocked when Nguyen lost 15 kg. Since then, every weekend Ai has quit her job to visit her boyfriend and bring him nutritious food.

That year, Tri Nguyen did not return, but his parents still welcomed Ai home, took him to the grave and visited his grandfather and grandmother. “If when Nguyen fulfills his duty, the children still love each other, the aunt and uncle will organize a proper wedding for the two of them,” Thao and her husband said, after confirming Kha Ai’s person and her love for her child. their son.

Pretty Ai was taken care of by her two mothers during the engagement ceremony, March 20.  Photo: Character provided.

Pretty Ai was taken care of by her two mothers during the engagement ceremony, March 20. Photo: Character provided.

In the context of the Covid-19 epidemic, many months of not being able to perform, Kha Ai fell in love with the livestream profession. The charming way of talking helped her quickly build a name, thereby earning money to pay off her surgery debt and buy furniture for her motel room.

Tri Nguyen was kept to study further after two years of service, but the young man just wanted to return immediately to get married. The couple engaged on March 20 and will hold a wedding on April 30.

Currently, during the day, Kha Ai works as a streamer, while Nguyen works as a carpenter, and in the evening he takes her to sing. They plan to earn money next year and build a house on the land given to them by their parents.

“Then we will ask for children so that we can have a wife and a husband and have children like any other family,” the couple said.

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