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The more “in love” with the more sensitive areas, the darker the color and the “tricks” that everyone believes about sex

For women, many have heard of the threats below. They all have no scientific basis and only worry you in vain:

1. If you don’t have sex, you won’t get gynecological diseases

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A healthy female reproductive system is the perfect natural barrier that can resist the invasion of foreign germs. For example, lymphocytes of the immune system may play a role in fighting infection; The cervix is ​​closed, and the mucus in the cervix can resist invading pathogens, inhibiting the overgrowth of other bacteria…

However, once this barrier is broken, germs have the ability to enter the body and cause vaginal infections. When the immune system decreases, some diseases cause hormonal disturbances in the body, not paying attention to intimate hygiene can also trigger diseases such as inflammation.

Therefore, gynecological diseases are not only caused by sex Because, being a woman alone can have gynecological diseases.

2. The dark color of the private area due to frequent sex

In fact, this is completely false knowledge. The intensity of the color of the intimate area is determined according to the distribution of melanocytes in the body and under the influence of sex hormones. After puberty, the amount of sex hormones increases, the color of the private area will be dark, this is also a normal physiological change and has nothing to do with frequent sex or not.

3. It is very important to use toilet paper to wipe the private area after urinating

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Wiping the intimate area with paper can dry out the vagina immediately, but if you use an unhygienic tissue, many types of bacteria can also enter and cause some dangerous diseases.

If the tissue is recycled paper, there will be a lot of bacteria in it, such as shigella bacteria, escherichia coli… The tissue provided in public toilets is often of poor quality, especially in humid places, the number of germs will increase greatly. Some people when going out often carry tissues, put them in their pockets, bags… even these wipes are also very susceptible to infection.

In the above situation, it is better not to wipe with paper, because the vagina itself has the ability to protect itself from bacteria. In the normal vaginal environment, without infection, there are still countless fungi and bacteria, creating a very large proportion of the beneficial bacterial flora of Lactobacillus Doderlein.

4. First time sex will bleed

In fact, the normal hymen is not a closed membrane, the hymen itself has holes and has different sizes and shapes. A British study showed that up to 63% of women who had sex for the first time did not bleed.

In the past, women generally married early at a very young age, the hymen was not only thick but also less elastic, making it easier to “bleed”. In modern women, married later, the hymen is thin and elastic, while there are some women with weak hymen, only some external influences such as cycling, strenuous exercise can make the hymen tear before sex. So, the first time you have sex does not always have to bleed.

5. Use plenty of cleaning solution to help clean private areas

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A woman’s private area has its own balance of bacteria, washing with an antibacterial solution will damage the environment in the vagina, encourage the growth of harmful microorganisms and cause diseases such as vaginitis. . In normal cases, warm water can be used to clean private areas, both simple and good for health.

For men, there are also rumors that are completely false and you should not believe them:

1. Men shouldn’t use their hands for selfies

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Masturbation is not bad but a completely normal human process and healthy sexual behavior. During puberty, men have a very high sex drive. Therefore, masturbation is a method to cool the climax. If you know how to “handle yourself” in moderation, that’s the way to practice ejaculation, train sexual feelings to prepare for adult sex life.

For single and adult men, masturbation helps relieve sexual needs. Masturbation and sex help reduce feelings of anxiety, stress, tension, stimulate cardiovascular activity, increase respiratory rate and speed up metabolism. Masturbation is also a way to suppress sexual desire.

Of course, everything has two sides, and “selfies” are no exception. When masturbating must be clean and pay attention to the frequency.

2. The farther you pee, the stronger your sexual function

Migrated urine volume and large urine output have nothing to do with sexual function. The amount of urine that comes out can only indicate one thing: a lot of urine and a lot of pressure in the bladder.

3. Ejaculation helps prevent pregnancy safely

When having sex between husband and wife, ejaculation outside the vagina will reduce the pleasure of both, a dissatisfied sex life can cause conflict between husband and wife … Especially if measures are used that can cause a decrease in sex drive, especially in men. Sex and external ejaculation will be difficult to limit the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.

In addition, external ejaculation can still lead to unwanted pregnancy because in the semen released during sex (before ejaculation) the man has some sperm.

4. Every functional food will increase sexual ability

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Functional food supplements kidney, which, helping “love” joy, is sometimes just an advertising word with wings. In fact, some dietary supplements consist mainly of protein and fat, which are foods with high cholesterol. Eating large amounts of food is not only not nutritious, but can also put a strain on the kidneys.

5. The “little boy” does not have an erection in the morning, reduces sexual function

Morning erection is one of the reference indicators of male sexual health. There are many factors that can affect the frequency and occurrence of morning erections such as age, mood, fatigue, etc. So you don’t have to worry about the quality of your sexual function based solely on your erection. installation.

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