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Things that seem innocuous but will affect health if left near the bed

Sunday, March 27, 2022 21:00 PM (GMT+7)

There are very familiar items, considered “separate objects”, even if you should not put them near the head of the bed, you will receive serious consequences over time.

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Green trees

Plants purify the air, increase oxygen levels and relieve stress, so many people move them into the bedroom. However, when plants do not get enough light at night, they inhale oxygen and release carbon dioxide. The more plants in the bedroom, the more carbon dioxide is released.

In addition, when the doors and windows are closed during sleep, the indoor air is not circulated, which will cause people to stay in an oxygen-deficient environment for a long time, causing prolonged fatigue and difficulty sleeping, reduce work efficiency. Furthermore, there are many molds lurking in the soil, which can cause respiratory symptoms, such as allergies or asthma.


The mirror at the head of the bed or opposite the bed will be very taboo for the elderly and weak. May cause these people to have trouble sleeping. When sleeping can be tired, lethargic, sleep paralysis.

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Bright desk lamp

In life, there are many people who are afraid of the dark. Normally, they will turn on the table lamp when they sleep. Although turning on the lights in the dark can make people feel safe, it is very harmful to the health of the body.

The harmful effects of turning on the desk lamp: increase the risk of cancer, lead to obesity, inhibit melatonin secretion, cause early puberty in children, easily cause eye diseases. In addition, when human is sleeping, the whole body and mind are in the process of repair, while in the dark environment, the body will produce melatonin and growth hormone, thus can make the body be better repair.

Although turning on the lights in the dark can make people feel safe, it is very harmful to the health of the body.

Humans need the interdependence of day and night to be able to balance yin and yang. Therefore, sleeping under too much light will cause the human body to mistake it for daytime, so the yang part will continue to circulate, thereby leading to a disorder of the qi, easily causing a feeling of fatigue. Therefore, for a long time, turning on the table lamp to sleep, light will lead to mental fatigue, insomnia, organ dysfunction, and serious can lead to diabetes.


Humidifiers are familiar items of many families. When turning on the air conditioner in summer or winter, you also need to use a humidifier to balance the humidity in the room. When the weather is dry in the fall, you need to use it to maintain the proper humidity.

However, a humidifier if placed near the head of the bed will be like a source of disease, completely not good for health. When the humidity reaches a certain degree, it is an environment for bacteria and mold to multiply. When coming into contact with these objects can damage the respiratory tract and reduce immunity.

Alarm clock

Most people are used to placing the alarm clock near the head of the bed, but this practice is very harmful to health. The cause is thought to be the ticking of the clock’s hands affecting falling asleep. On the other hand, if you’re constantly being woken up by hours next to your bed, it can cause chronic stress over time. Not only is this debilitating, but it can also raise blood pressure. People with poor sleep need to be vigilant.

You can choose an electronic clock, try to place it away from the bed, with a moderate volume down. Not only will this improve the quality of your sleep, but it will also help you wake up quickly and wake up to silence the alarm.

Electrical Appliances

Items such as radios, insecticidal lamps, phone chargers, etc. are electrical devices with a small amount of radiation and when you leave them on the nightstand or the area close to your body, they will affect them. great for your health while you sleep.

Besides, if you leave these electrical appliances too close, if there is an electrical problem, it will threaten your life while sleeping.

If it is necessary to use them, you should also keep them away with a minimum distance, to avoid problems caused by them.

Objects that seem innocuous but will affect health if left near the bed - 3

Phones, tablets

This is an extremely dangerous item that many people have the habit of leaving on their nightstands when sleeping. With the convenience in mind for using before and after sleeping, it accidentally harms your health and sleep.

Tablets and phones are items with large electromagnetic waves, they will affect your brain when placed on the nightstand. Disrupt your sleep, sleep not deeply. Especially will often feel headache, fatigue after waking up.

Not to mention that when you’re woken up by calls that disrupt your sleep, it’s hard to get back to sleep.

A number of recent studies also suggest that often leaving the phone on the nightstand while sleeping is also one of the factors that cause dangerous cancers for humans.

Therefore, when sleeping, it is best to leave these items on the table, not at the head of the bed.

Scented candles

Many families often have the habit of using scented candles to scent the room and make the bedroom space more romantic and warmer.

However, with modern candle production technology, many types of candles are often added with ingredients containing paraffin, a type of smoke that releases toxins no less dangerous than cigarette smoke. Therefore, we should limit the use of these scented candles, if used, they should be burned and left for no more than 3 hours in the room because if left for longer than this time, it can cause breathing difficulties and danger. If possible, we should replace candles made with beeswax or essential oils to scent the room and protect the health of the whole family.

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