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What should the bedroom feng shui avoid to avoid being affected by wealth and health?

Bedroom is the place to let us rest, this is one of the most important positions in the house. Factors Feng Shui will affect the room and thereby have the potential to hurt or harm the owner’s body/health and fortune line.

Therefore, many homeowners before building a house learn about feng shui and arrange and design so that their house is in accordance with feng shui, the family’s destiny, … , fortune,…

21 things to avoid in feng shui bedroom - Photo 1.

The bedroom door is opposite the bathroom and toilet door

Bathrooms and toilets are humid places, often containing many bugs and unpleasant odors. Therefore, you may absorb harmful gases, which are not good sources of energy.

Bed opposite the room door

If arranged in this way will adversely affect many parts of the body. Depending on which part of the body the door will face, there will be different consequences. If facing the head, it will cause headaches for people lying down. Facing the body causes stomach pain and diseases related to the abdomen.

Bathroom door, toilet opposite the bed

This can be considered the worst case scenario, it can cause severe headache symptoms. Reduces concentration, reduces the ability to think for people sleeping. Therefore you need to change the position of the bed as soon as possible.

21 things to avoid in feng shui bedroom - Photo 2.

Place the bed in front of the mirror

If you encounter a mirror facing the bed, you easily fall into a state of stupor, difficulty sleeping, and poor sleep. And it’s best not to put a mirror in the bedroom.

The crossbar is placed above the bed

In bedroom feng shui, sleeping under the crossbar can make you feel uncomfortable, oppressed, and pressured. In addition, trouble sleeping, insomnia, and constant headaches can come from here.

Opposite the bed is a sharp corner

If the sharp angle shines on the bed, it can cause a number of diseases such as dizziness, headache and a number of other disease symptoms. In case of sharp corners from walls or furniture, you can use cloth to soften that sharp corner.

21 things to avoid in feng shui bedroom - Photo 3.

The bed is under the stairs

This sleeping position is extremely bad, making people prone to nightmares, waking up during sleep, and even bringing bad luck. Should move the bed to a more convenient location, instead of moving the house stairs.

The head is facing the wall behind the toilet

This position is very taboo in feng shui bedroom, you may suffer from constant headaches, disturbances in consciousness, affecting the mind and difficulty concentrating. Moving the bed to another location is better, but still has to be in accordance with feng shui.

The first part faces the wall behind the altar

The worship room is considered a solemn and sacred place, so it should be separate from the living areas of the family. To avoid losing the sanctity of the worship room.

21 things to avoid in feng shui bedroom - Photo 4.

The headboard has no firm support

There are bedrooms with the headboard turned diagonally or placed in the middle of the room to create a romantic and novel atmosphere. However, according to bedroom feng shui, the head of the bed needs to be leaning against a flat, solid wall. Without editing can affect the quality of your sleep every day.

Place the TV, sound system, phone or Wifi transmitter in front of the bed

The bedroom space is a place to rest after a working day and recharge for a new day. If you put the TV in the bedroom, you will be attracted to the TV programs and reduce your rest time. Besides, mobile devices often emit radiation that affects your health and sleep.

Install the air conditioner right above the bed

If you put the air conditioner right on the nightstand, the air from the air conditioner will blow directly onto your body. In the long term, it will affect the respiratory tract, causing colds and headaches.

21 things to avoid in feng shui bedroom - Photo 5.

The bed is above or below the bathroom, toilet or stove

If your bedroom has this condition, your liver function will be affected. Because in this position will increase the fire element.

Use sophisticated decorations on the ceiling

Keeping the bedroom ceiling simple, flat is always the perfect choice. The use of elaborate decorations on the ceiling will make it difficult to sleep, creating many health problems.

Kitchen opposite the bedroom door

The bedroom may be affected if placed opposite the kitchen. Opening the bedroom door and seeing the kitchen directly will cause bad luck, money loss and even affect health. In addition, the smell of food can creep into the bedroom, making you not have a proper rest space.

21 things to avoid in bedroom feng shui - Photo 6.

Avoid placing the bed next to the door

According to feng shui experts, this is considered the “coffin” position. This is a position that brings murderous intent, making sleep not good, easily startled, greatly affecting health.

Dark, secret bedroom

Designing a window to let natural light into the room, helping air circulation is extremely necessary for feng shui bedroom. They will help the room have more good energy, creating a pleasant feeling. Dark, damp rooms can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Bedroom renovated from toilet

A bathroom with a lot of germs and a polluted environment can create a terrible space for the bedroom. Therefore, you absolutely should not renovate the bathroom into a bedroom for the family.

21 things to avoid in feng shui bedroom - Photo 7.

The bedroom has many plants

Plants can purify the air in the room. However, special plants should be used that do not affect human health. And with the working mechanism of green plants, it is not advisable to use too much for a bedroom space.

Do not place the bed too high above the floor

Beds that are designed too high can bring a feeling of insecurity while sleeping. In addition, using a bed with a moderate height will be convenient for getting in and out of the bed as well as being safer while sleeping, especially unsafe if there are small children in the house.

Bedside with window

In addition to the above, feng shui bedroom is also taboo to place the window at the head of the bed. If so, the air flow is not good easily accessible to the human body, causing respiratory diseases … affecting fortune.

Above are the things you should avoid in feng shui bedroom to stay healthy as well as bring luck and fortune to the family.

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