Why did Qian Long insist not to kill Hoa Than? 15 years later, Gia Khanh understands

Although Hoa Than’s family background is not glorious, it is also a military family. Since childhood, Hoa Than suffered from orphaned parents, so life was difficult. When growing up, Hoa Than not only understood the Four Books, the Five Classics, but also mastered many foreign languages ​​such as Manchu, Chinese, Mongolian and Tibetan.

Hoa Than’s path is also very open. Initially, Hoa Than took the position of Third tier guard, then respectively Can Thanh Mon Thi Vi, Ngu Tien Thi Vi and cum Vice Governor of Manchuria Chinh Lam Ky. Hoa Than appeared next to Qian Long and made this famous emperor gradually realize his talents, especially his ability to manage finances and diplomacy.

Although the Qianlong emperor ruled the Qing Dynasty, it was considered a peaceful and prosperous time, but in fact, the treasury was not very rich. Therefore, when wanting to allocate money in the treasury, Qianlong must be very cautious. Increasing the national treasury can be said to be very difficult. At this time, Hoa Than showed off his outstanding talent.

Hoa Than – the most famous tourist attraction of the Qing Dynasty

Why did Qian Long insist not to kill Hoa Than?  15 years later, Gia Khanh understood - Photo 1.

Hoa Than is a famous tourist attraction of the Qing Dynasty.

Hoa Than’s official route, which can be said to have risen like a kite, has been since dealing with the corruption case of University scholar and Governor Van Quy, Ly Thi Nghieu. After a long investigation and finding evidence of embezzlement, Hoa Than successfully brought Ly Thi Nghieu to public. Thanks to this feat, Hoa Than was promoted to the position of Ho Bo Thuong Thu by Emperor Qian Long. After this incident, besides secretly pocketing many assets of the Ly family, Hoa Than was even more respected and favored by Qian Long.

Since then, Hoa Than has made great strides in his career, successively received many different positions, and became an important god in the Qianlong dynasty.

Not only promoting in his career, Hoa Than also knows how to use his position and power to seek personal benefits, receive bribes, and participate in investing in many “money-making” fields at the same time. at that time. Thanks to that, Hoa Than’s wealth was constantly increasing and he became the richest mandarin during the reign of Emperor Qianlong.

Although Hoa Than is a tourist attraction, it has the ability to make the national treasury rich. This is what makes Qianlong attach great importance to Hoa Than. In addition to being skillful, knowing how to handle work, the most important thing is that Hoa Than knew what the emperor wanted and wholeheartedly volunteered to do it. Therefore, for those who can visit such a thing, even if there is a bit of corruption, Qianlong can “close his eyes” and ignore it.

Because Hoa Than is a person who can guess the intentions of others, actively solves problems, and openly hopes to gain the trust of the emperor, Qianlong greatly uses Hoa Than. This famous emperor even married the ten princesses, the daughter he loved so much, to Phong Than An Duc, the son of Hoa Than. This made Hoa Than’s prestige and power in the court even more enhanced.

In the last years of his life, Emperor Qianlong was old and weak, so important things in the court fell on Hoa Than. At that time, Hoa Than shouted even more to call the wind and rain in the court, trying to get wealth.

It can be seen that it is the Qianlong emperor’s special favor for Hoa Than, which brings a lot of benefits, but inadvertently leaves calamities in the future. Accordingly, right after coming to power, Emperor Gia Khanh, son of Qian Long, sought to condemn and destroy Hoa Than.

When Qian Long was still alive, he once told Gia Khanh not to kill Hoa Than. However, just 15 days after the Qianlong emperor died, Gia Khanh announced the 20 great crimes of Hoa Than, at the same time sentenced the famous tourist to death and confiscated his estate.

Why did Qian Long insist not to kill Hoa Than?  15 years later, Gia Khanh understood - Photo 2.

Hoa Than owns a huge fortune after many years of receiving the favor and respect of Emperor Qianlong.

Hoa Than’s wealth is so great that it is equivalent to the income of the state treasury for 15 years. Hoa Than’s estate was confiscated into the national treasury.

The reason why Qian Long told Gia Khanh not to kill Hoa Than

However, 15 years later, Emperor Gia Khanh seems to understand why Qian Long warned not to kill Hoa Than. Although the wealth obtained from Hoa Than’s estate was very large, it could enrich the Qing state treasury for many years, but during his reign, Gia Khanh also often faced difficulties because of money.

Why did Qian Long insist not to kill Hoa Than?  15 years later, Gia Khanh understood - Photo 3.

After 15 years, Gia Khanh understood the Qianlong emperor’s advice about not killing Hoa Than.

Accordingly, since coming to power, the court had many instability, Emperor Gia Khanh had to spend a lot of money to be able to suppress uprisings among the people.

After the money confiscated from the Hoa Than Dynasty ran out, the Qing court again faced the risk of financial shortage. At that time, when looking at the great officials in the court who only depended on each other, Gia Khanh understood the advice of Emperor Qian Long. The execution of Hoa Than was a great loss for the Qing Dynasty, because at that time no one had the ability to help Emperor Gia Khanh solve financial difficulties.

Emperor Gia Khanh ordered the historian to write a book about Hoa Than. This historical official wrote all about Hoa Than’s embezzlement. However, after reading the book, Gia Khanh said: “Hoa Than is not everything that is wrong”.

From this statement, it can be seen that at that time Gia Khanh regretted having executed Hoa Than and only understood the advice of Emperor Qian Long in the past. 15 years ago, Gia Khanh killed Hoa Than just to ease his temporary anger and set an example for others.

Unfortunately, this emperor did not take into account Hoa Than’s ability to help him resolve conflicts in the court, the state of the treasury was exhausted. Although Hoa Than was a great tourist, he was indeed a capable man who could share his worries with the emperor.

Article referenced source: QQ, 163, Baidu

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