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10X Hai Phong consecutively won 2 competitions “Pride of Vietnam, Road to Olympia”

Vu Bui Dinh Tung (SN 2003), Tran Phu High School for the Gifted, Hai Phong, won convincingly at the second quarter contest “Road to Olympia” on March 27. The day before (March 26), Tung also excelled in surpassing thousands of candidates to win the first prize of the 4th “Pride of Vietnam” competition to learn about national history and culture organized by the Ministry of Education and Training and the Central Youth Union. organization.

The male student shared, History is my favorite subject since childhood, I always find it interesting in this subject. I always look for books on history, or borrow history textbooks from previous classmates to study. Besides, Tung also watched documentaries and chronicles; Listen to stories of historical witnesses to build up knowledge and understand deeply about the history of culture and nation. After studying history, I often systematize my opinions with questionnaires and multiple-choices.

10X Hai Phong consecutively won 2 Pride of Vietnam contests, Road to Olympia - 1

Vu Bui Dinh Tung, Tran Phu High School for the Gifted, Hai Phong.

10X shared, studying the history of the nation’s culture helps strengthen knowledge and foster patriotism and national pride for oneself. “On the other hand, developing into a global citizen with our younger generation now requires not only foreign languages ​​and information technology, but also knowledge of history, culture and national culture. Foreign languages ​​and information technology are the means, while history and national culture are the guideline and foundation for young people like us to develop comprehensively and confidently integrate; introduce and be proud of Vietnam’s history and culture to the world”, Tung said.

Dinh Tung is commented by teachers and friends as a multi-talented guy, and actively participates in Union and Association activities. As a math student, he actively participates in writing contests and won the third prize in the essay and poetry contest “Doan in my heart” organized by Hai Phong Youth Union in 2021.

In this year’s competition to learn about the history and national culture “Proud of Vietnam”, Tung won the first prize in week 1, the individual online competition round. At the city level, Tung got 210 points in the multiple-choice test (ranked second) and got the highest score in the written test.

At the final round of the national ranking, 10X outstanding Hai Phong people became the champions of the 4th “Pride of Vietnam” National Culture and History Competition, the school year 2021 – 2022, with 437 points. .

Bringing the TV bridge back to Hai Phong after 14 years

At the competition in the second quarter, Road to Olympia broadcast on March 27, Dinh Tung overwhelms 3 contestants to play, winning tickets to the final of the 22nd year Road to Olympia, bringing the second live score. 2 of this year’s program on Hai Phong.

The male student was overwhelmed with emotions when he brought the television bridge of the year’s final to Hai Phong after 11 years and to Tran Phu High School for the Gifted after 14 years of waiting.

In the Warm-up section, Dinh Tung is the contestant who temporarily leads with a score of 50. Three other contestants are Phan Van Khai (Le Quy Don High School for the Gifted, Khanh Hoa), Tran Ngo Tuan Khoa (Le Thanh Tong High School for the Gifted, Quang Nam). Nam), Phan Le Thuc Bao (Quoc Hoc Hue High School for the Gifted) got 40, 30 and 20 points respectively.

Going to the obstacle course, the keyword to find with five letters. Going through the first and second horizontal rows, Van Khai, Thuc Bao and Tuan Khoa respectively rang the bell to ask for the crossword solution, but they all said it was incorrect, losing the right to answer keywords.

Dinh Tung was the only one to continue the obstacle course. Tung continued to choose more suggested questions with the answer “purple”. Thanks to that, Tung solved the obstacle course keyword “UV rays”. Answering the correct keyword, Dinh Tung raised his score to 120, far ahead of his competitors. Van Khai ranked second with 50 points, Tuan Khoa and Thuc Bao both owned 30 points.

10X Hai Phong consecutively won 2 Pride of Vietnam contests, Road to Olympia - 2

Dinh Tung won tickets to play in the final of the 22nd year Road to Olympia.

Next was the Acceleration section, Dinh Tung somewhat lost his form, but continued to lead with 140 points. In the final exam, the difference in scores was not much between the contestants, Dinh Tung decided to choose three sentences of 20-30-20 points.

Tung answered all three questions correctly, especially choosing the Star of Hope in the last question worth 20 points. At the end of the competition, the male student scored another 100 points, bringing the total score to 230 points.

In the part played by Van Khai and Tuan Khoa, Dinh Tung pressed the bell and won points in three questions to raise his final score to 310 points. Next is Thuc Bao with 110 points, Van Khai with 75 points and Tuan Khoa with 70 points.

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