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27-year-old girl looking for a knowledgeable and brave guy

I was born in 1995, 1.62 m tall, round face, happy, originally from Binh Dinh, family lives in Dak Lak.

I am the youngest child in the family, graduated from the University of Economics in Ho Chi Minh City, working as an office worker in Binh Thanh, a sincere, cheerful, gentle, loyal person. Regarding marital status, I am single, never married, no children.

Find someone older than me, I was born in 1987 or younger (I was born in 1995, I’m older, not younger or the same age). I like the type of person with a lot of knowledge, living capital, bravery, higher than me in both form and thought. He has a stable job, is independent, takes care of himself and his family. He is sincere, honest, not deceiving, lives and works in Ho Chi Minh City or has plans to move to Ho Chi Minh City.

This is my first time posting on Dating, maybe not the last (laughs). If there is a word that is not correct, thanks for your comments, I will accept your contributions and amend it to make it better. I sincerely thank you for your interest in my articles.

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