Another angle of suspicion of Mercedes in Quang Ninh rushing fast

On the morning of March 28, on MXH appeared a clip that is believed to be a scene of Mercedes running at a terrible speed and killing a woman recorded by a residential security camera.

Before that, on the afternoon of March 27, social media was stirred by information and pictures about a serious accident that happened in Quang Ninh that caused a person to die. dead pitiful.

According to initial information, the accident happened in the area near Hoa Binh Boulevard, Hoa Lac Ward, Mong Cai City, Quang Ninh Province.

Notes of Tien Phongat that time, BKS 14A – 604.17 controlled by a man named T. suddenly rushed straight into a house at address 113, Nguyen Du street, Mong Cai city.

After that, the car sped at high speed in the direction of Tran Phu Street, crashed into the motorbike BKS 14K1 – 268.24 driven by NTV (56 years old) causing this person to die.

After causing the accident, the Mercedes continued to run away, ramming a woman who was driving a white Honda Vision motorcycle.

The clip recording the incident was shared on MXH on the afternoon of March 27

According to the above information VietNamNetwitnessing the accident, people ran to the rescue and asked the driver to get off the car, this person continued to drive the car, rammed the railing of Hoa Binh bridge, rushed down the grass next to it, and stopped.

At the scene, the car crashed into a tree, damaged the front end. In particular, Ms. T.’s body was not intact, many parts of her body were scattered on the street, causing people to panic.

In the clip circulating on MXH, it can be seen that, after being able to get out of the house, the car sped off into the street, almost crashing into a white car. Fortunately, this car had run out of control, turned quickly to the left to avoid a collision.

Another angle shows the fatal crash of Mercedes in Quang Ninh?-1
Many parts of the body of the deceased victim were scattered on the street, making people panic.

Share with Legal Reporter & Readers, Mr. Nguyen Manh Thang (SN 1987, born in Tien Yen district, Quang Ninh province), the owner of a white car that was almost hit said: “I have been driving Hanoi – Mong Cai for 9 years now. Yesterday afternoon, when I went to drop off passengers there, I saw that the Mercedes had crashed into the house. After dropping off passengers, I turned back and saw that the car still couldn’t get out, so I stopped to help, because I thought the driver must be a girl who just learned to drive.

But when I look inside the car, I see driver As a man, the car kept going forward and back sharply, knocking down the wall, I ran out to start the car and ran away, at the same time shouting to everyone: “Run, the car can go back out and it will crash continuously.

I just started the engine when the other car was able to reverse. Seeing the Mercedes speeding up to the rear of the car, I stepped on the gas and ran away. Looking through the side mirror, I saw the front of the Mercedes in the right 1/3 lane, so I quickly squeezed to the left to escape. I turned one and the car crashed into her, riding a motorbike in the opposite direction, crossing the roundabout of Hoa Binh Bridge, climbing onto the railing, flying up the bushes and then falling to the open ground.

Thang feels lucky because if he is hit by the other “crazy car”, his car will surely overturn.

The clip is said to be another angle to record the scene of a “crazy car” rushing, stabbing people to death

Related to the above incident, on the morning of March 28, on MXH appeared a clip believed to be of the above incident recorded by a home camera.

In the clip, a black car flies on the road and collides very hard with a motorbike. The time recorded in the camera is 16:23 minutes on March 27, the same time the Mercedes “crazy car” caused a commotion on the street in Quang Ninh.

Currently, the incident is still attracting great public attention.

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