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“Bang Kieu’s sexy girlfriend” in bikini shows off her cool beauty like a spring girl-Beauty

Monday, March 28, 2022 19:00 PM (GMT+7)

At the age of 46, Minh Tuyet still maintains a youthful and attractive appearance.

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Singer Minh Tuyet.

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Minh Tuyet – Bang Kieu is a duet that has received a lot of love, they have made a deep impression in the hearts of the audience when standing on the same stage.

Minh Tuyet (born in 1976) is still known as an A-class overseas singer with an inspirational voice and owns many hit songs such as: “Love Castle”, “Once again please have each other” … She once made a name in the music market when she duet with singer Bang Kieu in lyrical songs. The acting couple is so good that many people often call Minh Tuyet “Bang Kieu’s girlfriend” because of that.

Possessing a sexy and beautiful appearance, but unlike her sisters Cam Ly and Ha Phuong, Minh Tuyet pursues a fiery fashion style on stage and in real life. At the age of 46, she still confidently shows off her youthful appearance in daring designs that are rare to match.

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The latest image is updated by the beautiful female singer on her personal page.

Recently, on her personal page, the overseas female singer shared a series of bikini photos showing off her slim body and “age-hacking” beauty. Immediately she received a lot of compliments from friends and fans such as: “So young and beautiful”, “So beautiful, sister”…

In order to have an attractive appearance at the age of U50, in addition to her genetics, Minh Tuyet is also a person who takes great care in taking care of herself. Moreover, in order to avoid boredom on stage and stay fresh in the eyes of the opposite person, she had to constantly change her hairstyle, makeup, outfit, and when taking photos, choose the angle she is most confident in.

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All praise for Minh Tuyet’s youthful beauty.

But it is also because of her younger appearance that this beauty born in 1976 has many problems related to rumors of plastic surgery. Not long ago, Minh Tuyet once livestream shared about this issue. She said: “I don’t fix anything. Because I know how to apply makeup, do my hair, and stand on any angle to look good, but I don’t fix it. There are many cute comments, saying I’m not like the old days, that’s nothing. Everyone has changed in the past time, but the comments tell me to “smash” my face, why do people say things like that hurt so much, and if I fix my face, there’s nothing wrong with it. Edit for whom? Edit for the audience! If people look at me and say I’m beautiful, I won’t fix it, you guys,” Minh Tuyet said.

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On stage and in real life, Minh Tuyet pursues a bold and sexy style.

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This young face, beautiful body is rare to believe at the age of 46.

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Compared to the time when she first entered the singing career, currently “Bang Kieu’s girlfriend” still maintains the attractiveness of her beauty and hot name.

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