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Canada attends the World Cup for the first time after 36 years of waiting

Highlights Canada 4-0 Jamaica

Before the Canada – Jamaica match, coach John Herdman’s army was at the top of the North and Central America rankings. Canada has more than 2 teams, followed by the US and Mexico with 3 points. Just one victory over an underpowered opponent named Jamaica, “Red Maple” will officially win tickets to the 2022 World Cup Finals 1 match early.

Meanwhile, coach Paul Hall’s army has run out of opportunities to participate in Qatar at the end of this year when Jamaica is diving in the penultimate position. The “Reggae boys” have only 3 points more than Honduras – the bottom team and 2 points less than El Salvador – the 6th place team. For this reason, Jamaica is considered an extremely easy opponent to play. for Canada. In addition, Coach Herdman’s students also played at BMO Field.

Canada – Jamaica starting lineup

Canada attended the World Cup for the first time after 36 years of waiting - Photo 2.

Canada – Jamaica developments

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Against a weaker opponent like Jamaica, Canada took advantage of the home field advantage to take the lead early. In the 13th minute, Stephen Eustaquio gently made a hole to tear the away team’s defense. Cyle Larin escaped, received the ball and then neatly finished with one touch. The score is open for the red shirt army

Larin’s opening goal helped Canada play comfortably with high spirits. The home team consolidated the lead with a goal that doubled the lead right before the end of the first half. In the 44th minute, Jonathan David threw a nasty cross into the Jamaica penalty area. The ball lightly grazed Adrian Mariappa’s head and then accidentally found Tajon Buchanan’s feet. The midfielder wearing the number 11 shirt immediately broke through the net of goalkeeper Andre Blake with a simple kick

Canada continued to concretize its excitement into two goals to widen the gap at the end of the second half. This time, Buchanan switched from scoring to assisting. In the 83rd minute, the 23-year-old player raised the ball for Junior Hoilett. The striker wearing the number 10 shirt finishes in the style of half kicking the ball, half pricking the toe of the shoe. Goalkeeper Blake tried to fly, but he still had to concede a goal

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Jamaica completely broke the match after Hoilett’s goal. On the other side of the line, Canada sublimated with the fourth goal in the 88th minute. Sam Adekugbe made a slightly immature pass into the opponent’s penalty area. Blake and Mariappa lack coordination. The keeper wearing the number 1 shirt rushed out to hug the ball. But the center-back wearing the number 19 shirt also stepped back to break the ball and kick an own goal. 4-0 for Canada. This is also the final score of the match

Canada attended the World Cup for the first time after 36 years of waiting - Photo 7.

Ranking after the match Canada 4-0 Jamaica. Coach Herdman’s teachers and students surprised when they won tickets to the 2022 World Cup earlier than other elite representatives in the same region such as the US, Mexico or Costa Rica.

Canada’s emotional celebration after a memorable victory over Jamaica


With a great victory over Jamaica, the ticket to the group stage of the 2022 World Cup was neatly in the hands of Canada. This is the first time “Red Maple” has appeared at the biggest football festival on the planet since 1986

Historically, Canada has only attended the World Cup twice. The first time took place 36 years ago. The other time is 2022. It can be said that Herdman’s teachers and students have made a miracle with their presence in Qatar at the end of this year.

Canada’s joy burst when after nearly 4 decades, the country returned to compete in the World Cup. This will definitely become a beautiful memory that Canadian football fans will never forget

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Canada attended the World Cup for the first time after 36 years of waiting - Photo 12.

After the match ended, the Canadian players celebrated by wearing a black T-shirt with the words “WE CAN” printed on it. good pun, because “can” is the first 3 letters in “Canada

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