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Cash withdrawals through ATMs plummeted

The COVID-19 epidemic has promoted the commercial Bank must quickly implement the digital transformation process to adapt. Retail banking services on digital platforms such as Mobile banking, Internet banking, QR code have made it easy for customers to access and use anywhere, anytime, limiting contact.

Statistics show that in 2021, the proportion of retail lending by the group of medium and large banks will account for 40% – 50%, especially with banks up to nearly 90%. Non-cash payment activities achieved high growth through Internet channels, increasing by 48.8% in quantity and 32.6% in value; via mobile phone channels increased by 76.2% and 87.5%; payment via Qrcode grew up to 200% over the previous year.

Notably, the proportion of transactions withdraw cash via ATM of total transactions processed through NAPAS’s system sharply decreased from 26% in 2020 to 12%.

Currently, there are about 3.37 million payment accounts of banks opened using electronic identification (eKYC) method.

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