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COVID-19 vaccine may completely degrade over time

In the context of cases COVID-19 rising again globally, the World Health Organization (WHO) gave three factors to keep in mind: the emergence of new variants, the premature relaxation of epidemic prevention measures, and the decline in immunity acquired from the COVID-19 vaccine over time.

WHO has repeatedly pointed out that these three factors combine to lead to the risk of a new wave of epidemics in the world.

According to Maria Van Kerkhove, Technical Team Leader of WHO’s Epidemic Emergencies Division, vaccine against COVID-19 highly effective in preventing the risk of disease progression and reducing the risk of death. However, as the world enters the third year of the pandemic, immunity from vaccines will also decline over time. This also depends on the type of vaccine given, the number of shots as well as the age and health conditions of the person receiving the injection.

The COVID-19 vaccine can completely degrade over time - Photo 1.

The COVID-19 vaccine is still very effective at preventing serious illness and death (Image: AP)

Certainly, countries will see many outbreaks, but the number of new cases will continue to decrease as more and more people are vaccinated and depending on the epidemic prevention measures of each country, the awareness of each individual.

WHO regional status director Babatunde Olowokure said that no matter how the situation evolves, it is important for people to be vaccinated and follow the epidemic prevention regulations.

Regarding the fourth booster shot, Maria Van Kerkhove said that vaccination is very important. However, WHO’s priority is to get the vaccine to people who have not received any. And once this goal is achieved, WHO will push for a fourth booster shot.

Earlier, WHO officials mentioned the importance of vaccination and pointed out that the majority of deaths were still among the unvaccinated, the elderly and people with medical conditions. background but not enough dose.

Dr. Van Kerkhove emphasized that COVID-19 vaccines are still very effective in preventing serious illness and death, including against Omicron variant.

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