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‘Digital assistant’ for families with young children and pets

In March 2022, smarthome brand EZVIZ launched the C6 security camera, with the desire to become an effective assistant for parents and pet owners. Powered by artificial intelligence technology, the C6 sends alerts to users when it detects various events, whether it’s people passing by, unusual animal behavior or sudden loud noises.

Now, even though time is tight, parents can still observe their home and family from afar. Parents can receive calls from their children through the two-way talk feature on the camera, receive notifications on the phone or check any moment on the device’s recording history.

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With the expectation of becoming the best camera to observe children and pets, C6 possesses advanced features and outperforms most competitors in the segment. The device can easily capture the whole house and display every detail clearly with 2K+ resolution.

With a modern AI algorithm from EZVIZ, C6 can recognize and record certain activities of people and pets, then select and notify automatically to the phone, avoiding the need for users to frequently check. video.

Thanks to AI, C6 can detect and track moving objects, record and store every moment, including your baby’s first toddler steps or the playful images of your pet.

The ability to record video at 25 frames per second helps the movement or running of children or pets are clearly recorded. The C6 can also pick up sudden loud noises such as a baby crying or broken objects to warn of dangers when children are at home. In addition, the baby can completely call his parents through the camera with just a wave of his hand in front of the device – which is quite necessary in case the child needs special care.

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For privacy, EZVIZ designed an adjustable lens cap on the camera housing. This cover can be rolled up to block visibility, so users can place the camera wherever it needs to be while still protecting sensitive, private areas. This design increases flexibility in camera installation, while ensuring effective viewing.

Possessing a friendly and sophisticated design combined with carefully selected features according to the needs of families, C6 promises to be the ideal solution for 4.0-era homes in taking care of young children and pets. feed.

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