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EZVIZ C8PF security camera wins big at IoT Breakthrough Awards

Launched at the end of 2021, with the ambition to become an “all-in-one” camera that protects the home 24/7, C8PF impresses users with its high-end technology that meets almost every need. the entire family’s daily security needs. Contributing to the success of the C8PF are unique features such as 8x image composite zoom with dual lenses, dual-screen display mode, AI person detection and huge storage capacity.

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EZVIZ’s C8PF dual-lens camera was named at the IoT Breakthrough Awards 2022, with the category “Innovative Home Security Technology of the Year”.

Sandra Zheng, Global Marketing Manager of EZVIZ said: “The IoT Breakthrough Award 2022 is a great result of EZVIZ’s constant efforts to connect technology with consumer needs.“.

From the very beginning of our work in the IoT industry, we have been keenly aware that technological innovation must be at the core.

That’s why EZVIZ focuses on building an internal Research and Development department, helping EZVIZ be sensitive and quickly respond to market needs, increasing the competitiveness of the brand. C8PF is one of the best innovative products of EZVIZ”, emphasized Ms. Sandra Zheng.

Produced based on high security standards, the C8PF is perfect in every way. Proprietary intelligent recording technology helps to zoom the mixture 8 times and display images across 2 screens on the app, giving users a wide and close-up view at the same time.

Superior AI technology helps the camera to easily distinguish between people and animals or other moving objects, eliminating unnecessary warnings. The C8PF camera offers a smooth experience in addition to diverse features such as 360-degree scanning, live video viewing and 2-way talk.

For the sixth consecutive year, the IoT Breakthrough Award under the Tech Breakthrough Awards Organization recognizes innovators, leaders, and visionary ideas from within the industry. IoT fields such as: Connecting homes, IoT for users, IoT for businesses, connecting cars, healthcare.

This year, the program attracted more than 3,850 nominations. Besides EZVIZ, the award for the Home Connectivity category also belongs to well-known brands such as Bosch, GE Appliances, Schneider Electric and Ring.

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Prior to this award, C8PF was also honored at the 2019 Excellent Design Award for its compact and practical design, focusing on the user, subtly eliminating redundant details, helping to simplify the user experience. Simplify security protection for the family.

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