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Feeling guilty about letting his wife take care of the economy

I am 35 years old, unemployed for seven months now, my son is three years old, my wife is a banker. I am progressive, responsible and self-respecting.

Before, I worked with a high salary, took care of my wife and children, didn’t drink and play. For many reasons, I quit my job for almost a year now, looking for a new job. I am going through a period of mental crisis, seeing myself as useless. Every day I take my children to school, then I come back to clean the house and do housework.

I live near my wife’s relatives, while every house is dominated by men, I am in this situation. Sometimes they ask me if I haven’t been able to get a job, should I ask someone else to apply for a job. The neighbor also teased that his wife worked in a bank with a lot of money, so she took care of her husband. When I heard that, I was so discouraged, I felt like a burden to my wife.

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I know that my wife is also under pressure, so I gave up all my coffee and expenses, and felt that I was insignificant when I raised my hand to take my wife’s money. My father just sent me 20 million dong from the pension he had accumulated, so that I could help my wife buy milk for the children.

Every day that passes I am afraid that someone will ask me about my work. There are times when I am no longer myself since the day of unemployment, how to overcome this guilt?


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