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Girl with cerebral palsy raped by caregiver

The Guardian newspaper on March 28 reported on a heartbreaking trial with the victim, a young Australian girl who unfortunately suffered from cerebral palsy. Instead of being treated better after the disadvantages she suffered, the girl fell into a humiliating “hell” without anyone knowing, so that when the story broke, people were shocked and saddened. .

The girl called by another name is Chloe. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy – a condition that affects her control of movements and posture.

Having cerebral palsy, she asked someone to take care of her 24/7 but met the wrong


Because one or more parts of the brain that control movement are damaged, people with cerebral palsy cannot move their muscles normally. This means that Chloe is in a wheelchair and all her activities require the help of others. She was hired by her family to take care of her 24/7, but did not expect him to be a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”.

According to records from the Royal Commission on Disability Australia, Chloe says she was raped and treated “like a dog” by her carer. Raped to the point of pregnancy, when Chloe held out a 2-line test strip, she was beaten to the point of miscarriage.

Chloe said the man, who began caring for her in 2016, threatened to kill her if he spoke to anyone about the abuse. He beat her “head to toe” and kicked her in the stomach “over and over” in an attempt to kill the baby and almost kill Chloe.

“In front of other people, he was kind and considerate, but he treated me badly.” Chloe said. Her allegation was read out at a hearing today by the Royal Commission on Disability, Kate Eastman SC, in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

“He treated me like a dog. There were a lot of rapes and physical assaults that were horrible. I tried to fight back by scratching him, and then he cut my nails.”Chloe said.

The commission said the man was charged with multiple counts of rape, bodily harm, torture and assault.

“I can’t trust anyone anymore. It’s been about 6 years of hell. I’m scared to be in my own house”Chloe said.

She said the “devil” once threw her dinner on the ground and told her to eat it on the floor after she threw a cup at his head. Chloe said she was raped after refusing to eat food.

She also talked about how he used her bank card “all the time” to buy things for himself and used her phone so she couldn’t call anyone. “He didn’t let me see my friends and family. He cheated on everyone.” Chloe said. “He threatened to kill me if I told anyone what happened. And I thought I was going to die.”

According to information from the Royal Commission on Disability Australia, almost half of all women with disabilities experience physical violence in their lifetime.

Specific data show that 48% of women with disabilities experience physical violence – higher than the rate among women without disabilities at 27%.

Two out of five women with disabilities have also experienced abuse, harassment, and emotional control from a current or former partner.

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