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Hun Sen said Cambodia “cannot accept” Russia’s military operation in Ukraine

According to Khmer Times newspaper, Prime Minister of Cambodia Hun Sen recently strongly condemned the military action of Russia live Ukraine – or what Moscow calls a “special military operation” in the neighboring country.

Accordingly, speaking at an event today (March 28), Prime Minister Hun Sen commented that Russia is making “aggressive moves and Cambodia cannot accept this action”.

The Cambodian leader said that although Russia is “a friend” of Cambodia and used to help Phnom Penh, “Cambodia cannot accept and cannot be neutral in the face of aggression.” [của Nga]”.

“If in the future, a country does the same to Cambodia, who will Cambodia rely on? Our foreign policy is built on the rule of law, and the UN Charter does not apply to itself. foreign policy based on force,” Hun Sen said.

Prime Minister Hun Sen stated: “Our official stance is to strongly oppose the use of force or the threat to use force against other countries in international relations. We respect the independence, sovereignty and sovereignty of other countries. rights of other countries. Respecting Ukraine’s independence and sovereignty means respecting Cambodia’s independence and sovereignty.”


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