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‘I cried when I saw her bend over to put shoes on the wheelchair street vendor’

Mar 28, 2022 08:04 GMT+7

The image of street vendors in big cities is no longer strange to everyone. However, the way passers-by treat them is different for each person.

Recently, the student Pham Huynh Gia Huy posted an article with pictures on his personal facebook page causing a “storm” of social networks.

'I cried when I saw her bend over to put shoes on the wheelchair street vendor'
In just a few hours of posting, Gia Huy’s post has attracted tens of thousands of emotions, comments and shares across social networking groups.

The text of Gia Huy’s post is as follows:

“I cried!

12:45, on the Hanoi Highway with the blazing sun. I caught a heartwarming moment. An older sister saw a disabled street vendor carrying on his feet an old pair of Thuong Dinh (can be said to be tattered). The older sister stopped the car and took off the shoes she was wearing (very new), bent down to put on the shoes for the street vendor. She doesn’t mind going barefoot in the harsh summer heat. After the people on the street saw that beautiful moment, they bought him goods. I have taken the best photo of the day, even without her permission. I love you so much and thank you. If you see these pictures, please don’t be mad at me.”

Talk to reporters Infonet, Gia Huy shared that she happened to see that heartwarming image on the way home, so she quickly raised the camera to take a photo to save. The image of a woman wearing an orange shirt setting up a motorbike by the roadside right at a crowded intersection, wearing a pair of shoes that she was wearing to a street vendor, made all the witnesses. are all emotional. People who were waiting for the red light at that time supported by buying goods to help the unfortunate man sitting in a wheelchair.

Netizens all praised the beautiful actions of the compassionate woman:

A beautiful moment in everyday life, and the person who captures this moment is also a beauty”;

“A very virtuous job a girl is really kind. There are no words to describe the noble act of that girl”;

“In the midst of a drama storm, what is worth sharing is this. Somewhere in Saigon in a hurry, where the hustle and bustle is crowded, taking care of the incomplete lives, where the pain has been experienced for months. That place gradually returns and beautiful. Saigon is not rich but they are rich in things that do not have to be made. Thank you life for always showing us such beautiful images”;

“Is the story drawn or not? Definitely not because it’s really beautiful and touches everyone”;

“If there is a filming set for Tiktok with such kindness, then if you have 1000 clips like this, everyone will still support you! What’s wrong with sending a beautiful message? Should all trending channels be removed gradually to see the good things around me like that”;

“Amidst the rush of life, there are still two words of human love somewhere.”

Lam Giang

Photo: Gia Huy

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