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If you want to know if someone is lying, just take a look at these 7 points

In conversation, people can’t always control the messages their bodies send. Understanding the basics of body language can help you determine if you should put in the time and effort for this person. Of course, we also need to distinguish between shyness and dishonesty when reading body language.

Here are a few signs to help you “read” whether someone is truly trustworthy.

1. They avoid eye contact or rub their eyes so they don’t look suspicious

If you want to know if someone is lying, just take a look at these 7 points - 1

The fact that someone looks this way or that while speaking isn’t necessarily a sign that they’re lying, but if you see the person constantly looking away from you (usually in the upper left or right corner of their eye), they’re most likely lying. .

However, don’t confuse this with looking down and looking to the side. People often look down when they are trying to remember something. You can ask questions and ask them to reverse the story to see if they are lying.

Many people will try to avoid eye contact in the first place. Most experienced poker players rub their eyes during play to create the most natural looking eye movements.

2. They use the phone a lot to avoid communication

If you see someone glued to their screen all day, this could indicate that they don’t want a confrontation or are worried that someone’s message will pop up at any time. If your partner or friend suddenly forms this habit, pay extra attention. If they find it difficult to talk during mealtimes and are constantly on the phone, you can tactfully share with them the situation.

3. They tend to lean towards not asking you to chat

In general, partners tend to lean toward each other from the body, feet, or head during a conversation. If you notice a change in someone’s gestures and response to your questions, it could be a sign that they are hiding something.

When other people bend down, pointing their limbs away from you instead of toward you, they are using a technique to distance themselves from you. It could also mean that they are not very interested in the conversation and want to be somewhere else. In this situation, try to avoid heated conversations and accept that this person is not worth your extra time.

4. Blinking abnormally

It’s normal for us to blink, but pay attention to whether someone blinks abnormally, either too much or too little.

When a person blinks too fast, it indicates discomfort, and blinking too slowly is a sign that a person is trying to hide his emotions. An experienced magician may blink slower than usual to pretend to be completely natural with his next magic trick.

5. They cross their arms and legs

If you want to know if someone is lying, just take a look at these 7 points - 3

55% of our conversations are nonverbal and physical activity is a big part of that. When a person crosses their arms in front of their chest, the action can indicate self-defense or self-defense, and the act of crossing their legs can indicate discomfort. Smaller cues such as arms that are too long can also help a person become more manipulative, feel more commanding.

People often subconsciously use this body language to distract themselves from themselves. As for verbal communication, they avoid talking about themselves and look for ways to change the subject, pushing questions your way.

6. Their hands are too active

When you are talking to someone, it can be helpful to use body language through hand gestures. This helps you put more emphasis on the main point and keeps everyone engaged in the conversation.

However, as with many things, hand movements should be done in moderation. In fact, a 2015 study showed that people who use both hands frequently when speaking are more likely to lie.

Excessive hand movements make a person look less trustworthy and panicky. When a person’s gestures don’t match his words, others will feel that they don’t know what they are saying.

You can reveal secrets just by paying attention to the position of a person’s hand. Ideally their hands should be at waist level and used in controlled situations. When the hand movement slows down, it means the conversation will stop/pause.

7. Their voices keep changing when they talk to you

If you want to know if someone is lying, just take a look at these 7 points - 4

Watch for changes in voice in the conversation. People who lie are more likely to switch from normal to nasal voices than honest people.

Of course, the fact that someone is speaking in a high-pitched or high-pitched tone doesn’t necessarily mean they’re lying, but a nasal tone, along with other more obvious signs of body language, can help you decide if you should. .trust that person.

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