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In life, just do these 2 things well to win

In life, just do these 2 things well and you will win - 1

Everyone who came to this world needed to find out why he was still alive. Only in this way can you complete the journey of your life well.

Don’t die at the age of 25, but be buried at the age of 75.

The older you are, the deeper you will understand this saying. There are people who even though their lives have ended, what they left behind is still useful for life. Their contributions will forever affect future generations. On the other hand, there are people who live to the age of 75 but just exist, closing their lives with many dreams that never dare to come true. They live without progress, do not dare to experience and enjoy.

In life, just do these 2 things well and you will win - 2

They were still alive, but it was as if they had died a long time ago. Death here is not death in a physical sense, not biological death, but the death of a person in a philosophical sense because that person is no longer living a meaningful life.

Life would be meaningless if we were just like walking corpses. Samuel Ullman once said, “Nothing grows old with time. We grow old by abandoning our ideals.”

A truly living person is a person who is always fresh, actively striving to create more meaningful things. After all, why would one live in the world? To experience and enjoy, to do what we have not done. If you have a dream, follow it; If there is an achievement, no matter how small, enjoy it. The more intelligent people, the simpler life is!

In life, just do these 2 things well and win - 3

First thing, get experience

Experience is the key factor that differentiates one person from others. Same activity, but everyone’s experience is different. Two people can experience the same activity, but everyone will have their own feelings based on their point of view, life experiences…

There are things in this world that no one can teach you. The more experience, the richer your life experience, forging a stronger and more solid person.

In life, just do these 2 things well and you will win - 4

Living in the world, if you want not to get tired, you must first accept difficulties and experience more. No matter how hard your childhood was, no matter what difficulties you faced, accept it and smile every time you look back. By confronting, you will have the perfect life experience brought about by imperfect living circumstances.

In life, just do these 2 things well and you will win - 5

That way, you will become stronger, calmer and face all the storms of life, looking at everything with simplicity. When you fully accept yourself, you also don’t have to look people in the eye who judge you, much less compare yourself to others to determine your worth in life. You know who you are, know what you need and of course who you are is no longer defined by other people’s eyes and mouths.

In life, just do these 2 things well and you will win - 6

Second thing, know how to enjoy

The happiest thing in life is when we sit and enjoy our meal after a tiring day at work. This is a fun time that anyone can have.

Enjoying after a busy working day is the purest happiness, like a farmer after a day of “selling his face to the ground and selling his back to the sky”, in the evening can enjoy a delicious bowl of soup, eat hot food. . Laying in bed to rest after a hard day is truly a luxurious and simple way to enjoy yourself.

In life, just do these 2 things well and you will win - 7

Being able to enjoy without carrying any burden is indeed a difficult thing for humans in modern life. A fast-paced life with all kinds of problems, pressures to deal with every day, tasks with deadlines, work emails to answer, lots of reports to work on… all of them keep them so busy that they seem to forget that they still have the right to enjoy themselves. . They dare not stop to truly enjoy even the simplest things. They fear missing something, not getting things done, and wasting time.

Actually no time is wasted. Every minute and every second of life has its own meaning, no experience is wasted. When you take time to enjoy yourself, you are actually recharging yourself. Such investments are the most effective investments, helping energy to become renewable and grow stronger.

In life, just do these 2 things well and you will win - 8

The above are two things you must understand in this life. One is to continue to accumulate experience. Have the courage to try things you have never tried before, the courage to experience and the courage to accept your past. Only then will life be light and tireless. The second is knowing how to enjoy and appreciate every simple thing in life. Thus, every minute and every second of life is truly precious.

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