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It’s time for Hanoi to let karaoke work again

From March 15, Vietnam reopened tourism to welcome international visitors, a series of other services were also reopened accordingly. However, karaoke bar owners in Hanoi are still looking forward to opening their doors day by day.

Citing the fact that Ho Chi Minh City and many other localities have allowed karaoke and discos to operate for a few months now, Associate Professor Nguyen Huy Nga, former Director of the Department of Preventive Medicine (Ministry of Health) stated his opinion, time Currently, Hanoi should also open karaoke service.

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Karaoke service in Hanoi has not yet been reopened. (Illustration)

“In Hanoi, although the number of COVID-19 cases is high, we have determined that we are living with the epidemic, we should still allow services to operate again. Along with that, it is recommended that people if anyone has health problems, is F0 or has recently been exposed to a case, needs to be aware of the disease’s spread.”, said Mr. Nga.

Analyzing more closely, Mr. Nga explained: Currently, the Government is asking the Ministry of Health to closely monitor disease developments in the world and in the country in order to promptly switch measures to prevent and control the COVID-19 epidemic from a contagious disease. group A infection to a group B infectious disease. Therefore, it is appropriate to allow karaoke to resume operations. Because stopping for too long affects people a lot, while the investment capital is not small.

Medical expert Tran Dac Phu, former director of the Department of Preventive Medicine, also shared the same opinion. “Hanoi should reopen karaoke services in the context of all easing. However, it is still necessary to strengthen risk control.” Mr. Phu suggested.

Meanwhile, from an economic perspective, expert Le Dang Doanh – former director of the Institute of Management Studies economy Central Government (CIEM) – admittedly, in Hanoi, there are many karaoke businesses that have closed or hung signs for rent. Since then, a large number has not been able to survive, causing many people to lose their jobs or suffer heavy financial losses. If the closure is prolonged, this situation will be even worse, and more establishments will go bankrupt.

In addition, many experts also believe that karaoke is a link in the chain of services necessary to develop the night economy when Vietnam opens to tourism and welcomes international guests.

Visitors often have entertainment needs and karaoke is one of the services to combine with the tourism industry to promote economic recovery. If the ban continues, they will go bankrupt. The still banning karaoke shows that Hanoi has not yet fully reopened, more or less affecting the capital’s economic and tourism recovery plan. Mr. Doanh emphasized.

According to Mr. Doanh, to avoid risks of disease spread, ministries, sectors and localities need to issue specific and strict guidelines for this service.

Information to VTC News, an owner of a karaoke service business in Hanoi said: “About 18 months of inactivity, the cost of the premises alone costs more than billions of dong. If I don’t work, I won’t get any money, I have to borrow to make up for it. If this situation persists, it is likely to go bankrupt.”.

According to this position, the cost of the premises for karaoke is quite high. For karaoke business, the owner of the restaurant has to rent a space of 50-100 million VND/month. Not to mention the costs of investing in electronic equipment, decoration, and soundproofing. Over time, these interior and exterior parts will degrade and need to be repaired.

Large gathering places such as restaurants, stadiums…have all been opened while our business type is spacious, guests often come in groups, usually families or offices, ie. The chance of infection is not too high. We are also fully equipped with antiseptic, take a mic to change after each guest reception. However, we have not been active until now.”Mr. Nguyen Dang Sy, owner of Idol karaoke bar (Cau Giay, Hanoi) asked a question.

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