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Just “smeared” my sister-in-law on social networks, I was called and scolded by my mother-in-law

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Hello Sunflower,

My sister-in-law sells furniture. My wife and I just built a house and needed to buy furniture, so we contacted her. If she is a family member, she will sell at the original price or cheaper than other people. Unexpectedly, the sister-in-law still sells at the price for guests, without any gratitude. Wasn’t she supposed to give me and my wife something? How can such a fair calculation be possible? The total cost I bought at her store was nearly 100 million.

That’s it, when I got home, I discovered the set lounge chair also error. Frustrated, I called my sister-in-law to ask for a refund, but she said that because my husband and I did not research and observe carefully, now we cannot return the goods.

In my anger, I peel off “seal” sister-in-law to social networks. Less than 10 minutes later, I received a phone call from my mother-in-law. She angrily asked me to take down the post and apologized to my sister-in-law immediately. I’m upset so I don’t agree. Right after that, my sister-in-law also called and said she was sending a car to collect all the products sold to us. But we have to bear part of the money.

Honestly, I don’t think buying from my sister-in-law leads to such frustrations? Now, I’m even being asked by my husband’s family to get rid of me for acting foolishly. My husband also blamed me. Honestly, I don’t know where I went wrong to be treated like that anymore? (ngocthuy…



In this case, although you are resentful, you act too hastily and hastily. In terms of purchasing, you should not use emotions to calculate. The fact that your sister-in-law does not give you any items, you should not use that as a reason to be angry. Even if you are a family member, money is also a matter of fairness and clarity.

Now, you should follow your mother-in-law’s request and remove the post. The fact that you expose your sister-in-law will severely affect the reputation and business of the store. This will lead to heavy conflicts, difficult to resolve in the relationship between you and her, as well as the whole husband’s family.

Later, in communicate behavior With people, you should lower your expectations. And skillfully, calmly, practice emotional control and how to act when angry. Once you know how to look at things thoroughly and gently, everything will be a lot easier.


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