McDonald’s Vietnam is officially present in the Central market

The difference of McDonald’s when coming to Vietnam

With consistency and strict regulations on food quality and safety, McDonald’s is now known as the leading large fast food brand in the world. This fast food chain is present in more than 120 countries with more than 36,000 restaurants, serving more than 70 million people every day.

McDonald’s officially operated in Vietnam since February 2014. Although it is only a “latecomer” compared to other fast food brands, McDonald’s Vietnam has made a great impression on customers with its spacious, comfortable and modern space, with a play area for children. , banquet hall, car ordering service (Drive-thru), open 24/7, has its own coffee shop (McCafe)…

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Drive-thru shopping service without parking at McDonald’s HCMC

Recently, this brand has also developed a delivery service (McDelivery) as well as applications for digital experiences such as ordering through kiosks, serving at tables – Table Service, mobile app to support customers ordering food. , check information – promotions, respond to service reviews…

McDonald’s also makes a strong impression in the Vietnamese culinary village through impressive localized dishes such as “Crispy skin” fried chicken product with Vietnamese standard chicken quality and American standard marinated recipe, Com In the process of developing its local menu, McDonald’s has been known to diners for its Vietnamese Filtered Coffee and seasonal dishes such as Minced Porridge, and especially the… Burger flavor Pho, a creative combination of two Asian – European cuisines… Besides the products that have made the brand’s name such as Big Mac burger, French fries, boneless chicken McNuggets…

It can be seen that, in order to have a foothold in the market, in addition to creating a difference, a fast food brand needs to understand customer needs. Especially the culinary culture of the Vietnamese people. Thereby creating a balance between ensuring the uniqueness of the brand, while improving and bringing “localized” products to better suit the taste of diners. After more than 8 years of operation, McDonald’s has a chain of restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Binh Duong.

McDonald’s weathered the storm during the Covid-19 pandemic

Despite being significantly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, with innovative strategies to adapt, survive and weather the storm, McDonald’s Vietnam creates many new experiences for customers, develops businesses and stands out. steady against the storm.

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Pictures of McDonald’s Nha Trang opening

Recently, McDonald’s has continued to expand its chain of stores in Vietnam at AEON Mall Binh Tan and LOTTE Mart Go Vap (Ho Chi Minh). Next on March 26, McDonald’s Vietnam officially opened McDonald’s AB Central Square, located at 44 Tran Phu, Nha Trang. This is the first McDonald’s store in the coastal city of Nha Trang, promising to be an exciting step forward for the brand to tourist cities in Vietnam.

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Guest singer at the opening concert of McDonald’s Nha Trang

Designed with a modern style with a distinctive identity, McDonald’s AB Central Square is located on the ground floor of AB Tower, 44 Tran Phu, bringing a modern youthful feeling but still emphasizing comfort and convenience. for diners. Located right on the seafront, in one of the central locations of the coastal city of Nha Trang, McDonald’s promises to bring customers in the central coastal city a very typical culinary experience with a local menu such as chicken. fried “crispy skin” with quality chicken according to its own standards with unique marinated recipes, Chicken Rice with garlic sauce, Noodles cooked with pork, Vietnamese coffee and seasonal dishes such as Minced Porridge , and especially the Pho Burger, a creative combination of two Asian – European cuisines…

Not stopping there, unique experiences such as the Drive-thru no-parking service or the To-Go service to order take-out through the front window, a 24-hour restaurant, and a 24-hour restaurant system. McCafe professional coffee system… McDonald’s promises to attract more diners to its restaurant chain.

McDonald’s awards in Vietnam

1. Top 50 Golden Dragon brands 2021 for outstanding businesses in the food service industry

2. Top 10 most influential social media campaigns with Menus from BTS Idols

3. Top 10 Consumer Product Service Industry Groups 2021 with the theme of Creative Storm To Adapt

4. Accompanying the city to fight the epidemic with 50,000 meals sent to the frontline forces

5. Top 100 Golden Dragon Enterprises & Vietnam Strong Brands

6. Three consecutive years in the top 100 trusted products and services of the year for Crispy Chicken with Absorbent Skin

7. Four consecutive years in the top 100 best places to work in Vietnam


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